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Lady Gaga’s 2019 Met Gala Outfit Changed So Many Times On The Red Carpet


Mama Monster is back. On the first Monday in May, fans were not treated to just one Lady Gaga Met Gala outfit. Instead, the 2019 co-host took viewers on a journey through her fashion past — oversized bows and fishnets included — by disrobing on the pink carpet. And in true Gaga fashion, she somehow made it look absolutely iconic.

However, fans undoubtedly would have been happy with just her first look: Lady Gaga's hot pink dress, the first of many to come, was nothing short of a statement; it featured voluminous sleeves and a dramatic train that took over the entrance's stairway. So dramatic, in fact, that the queen of pop's dress actually required multiple handlers — who made sure it looked perfect as Lady Gaga stopped to pose for photographs. (They also seemed to cover the dress with umbrellas, too, which was a nice touch.)

There were clues of the fashion moment to come, though. According to Vogue, Lady Gaga's hot pink dress was created by the Brandon Maxwell. A name that will ring a bell for any little monster; Maxwell was the designer behind Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress. And while Lady Gaga has had her share of chic, Hollywood-glam red carpet moments (paging the Oscars 2019 necklace), this is the camp Met Gala, after all.

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The first reveal may have been a callback to Lady Gaga's Oscars 2019 dress, as well. Upon reaching the top of the staircase — symbolism fans will surely be questioning for years to come — Lady Gaga took off the pink dress. Beneath it was a black, strapless gown, which bore a passing resemblance to the Alexander McQueen dress the artist wowed in last February.

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The artist wasn't done rewinding her style clock, though. Lady Gaga removed that dress, revealing a figure-hugging fuchsia gown. She also donned a pair of Linda Farrow N°21 S21 C1 Oversized Sunglasses — and suddenly also accessorized with a chunky, old school telephone, which she seemingly took a call from. It was a Fame Monster-era moment for the books.

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Where else was there to go, you may be wondering? There wasn't another, smaller dress hiding beneath the pink sheath. When Lady Gaga removed that dress — which of course she did — a glittery lingerie set, fishnets, and trademark platform heeled booties were unveiled.

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Paired with her platinum bob and blunt bangs, it seemed to be a purposeful return to the style that helped to make the singer a household name. With Gaga, you can always count on fashion choices to be purposeful — and for the occasional, luxuriously campy outfit. (Or, in this case, outfits.)