You Can Now Fake A Golden-Hour Glow All Day Long With Kjaer Weis' New Highlighter

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Courtesy of Kjaer Weis
Kjaer Weis' new LighSlip Powder Highlighter mimics the effect of natural light beams on your face
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No makeup can quite emulate that ceremonious moment on an August evening when the sun peeks through your window and illuminates all the right features in a soft, photogenic glow. But Kjaer Weis' new LightSlip Powder Highlighter comes pretty close. The organic beauty brand has given a lot of thought to the way a beam of light bounces on a cheekbone and this pearlescent powder is the result.

It's tough to accept the cruel fact that summer is, indeed, halfway over, and that it's liable to take your effortlessly luminous complexion with it when it goes. So while you may not have needed a boost in the dewiness department so far this season, it would be safe to secure one before fall attempts to turn your tan into the shade of a dull spud.

Kjaer Weis' newest addition is a sophisticated take on the concept of highlighter, employing the science of mica (ethically sourced, of course) and a skin-benefitting blend jojoba wax, protective sunflower seed oil, and moisturizing sweet almond oil for light-reflecting radiance that's simultaneously silky to the touch.

LightSlip is the first powder highlighter to join the brand's cheek roundup, also featuring a Cream Blush, Cream Glow, a Flush & Glow Duo, and a Powder Bronzer.

Courtesy of Kjaer Weis

The new powder highlighter comes in two shades: Luminous, which the brand describes as a "warm rose-gold," and Beam, a "cool champagne-pearl." Each are designed with all skin tones in mind and available in both Kjaer Weis' refillable, recyclable, and compostable Red Edition packaging ($44) and its original silver Iconic Edition case ($58).

All Kjaer Weis products are made from vegan and organic ingredients — no parabens, silicones, or synthetic ingredients allowed — so you can guarantee your glow is both skin-healthy and environmentally safe. Shop the LightSlip Powder Highlighter, ahead, for cheek luminosity that might actually rival that covetable golden hour glow.

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