Kjaer Weis Just Debuted Its First Liquid Foundation Ever & It Was Worth The Wait

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Courtesy of Kjaer Weis
Kjaer Weis just added its first-ever liquid foundation to the Invisible Touch family
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Liquid foundation is one of beauty's most bewildering things. It's notoriously cakey, streaky, and prone to pilling; it either sets into pores or refuses to sink in. It's for these reasons that Kirsten Kjaer Weis has taken her time concocting a liquid foundation she actually believes in — and that means a lot coming from a longtime devotee of creams.

For 10 years, her namesake brand has been churning out luxury cosmetics in the clean/sustainable category without ever debuting what is arguably the one product every makeup brand needs. But when it became apparent that everyday people weren't warming up to the (admittedly intimidating) original cream foundation, the Danish-born makeup artist thought it time to finally give them what they want.

"There is a desire to create a liquid foundation because that is what most women are familiar with and what I think they feel most comfortable with in terms of application," Kjaer Weis tells The Zoe Report over Zoom.

So, after rigorous research and blending together only the most natural, organic ingredients — chamomile water, mimosa flower, and Kjaer Weis' proprietary "root of light" (a biodynamically grown root known to protect and brighten) — the serum-like Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation has arrived.

"For me, the key thing I struggled with in liquid foundation when I was out in the field was always that I felt it left a residue in the pores," Kjaer Weis says. "It always left a visibility on the skin, and then if you tried to stretch it, then you basically took everything off."

To ensure that the hyaluronic acid-spiked Invisible Touch Liquid Foundation went on like a second skin, Kjaer Weis says she spent plenty of time examining it on her own face through a magnifying mirror. The brand describes it as a real-life beauty filter, able to smooth texture and even complexion while nourishing, hydrating, and soothing at the same time.

Kjaer Weis recommends applying it over its Facial Oil for an authentic-looking finish. It comes in 24 shades — slightly more than the cream foundation — and joins a concealer in the Invisible Touch family. Shop it now, ahead.

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