Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Routine Makes A Convincing Case For Wearing Contouring At Home

David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images
Kim Kardashian’s everyday, all natural makeup routine is full of contouring and highlighter

You just woke up and your company-wide Zoom call starts in seven minutes. You take one minute to panic, another to frantically find a top that doesn't have a pasta sauce stain, and then you copy Kim Kardashian's everyday makeup routine. Why? It's less than five minutes, requires two products, and will have your under-eyes looking like you just slept for eight *solid* hours.

The beauty mogul took to Instagram on March 27 and broke down step-by-step instructions on how she achieves an everyday bronzed and sculpted look. "By the way, I have no foundation or concealer on so it's not going to look as flawless as it would if you put all of that on and do the whole process," said Kardashian in the beginning of the video. "But I'm just showing you my everyday, all-natural look when I don't feel like putting on a ton of makeup."

It should come as no surprise that, as the contour queen, Kardashian relies on KKW Beauty's Crème Contour & Highlight Set ($32) in two different shades — medium and dark — to execute every part of the look: contour, conceal, highlight, lip color, and eyeshadow. But before anything, the star uses the highlight stick, in its matte formula, as concealer under her eyes, around her nose, and between the eyebrows. She knows it isn't traditional concealer, but when short on time, it's her favorite trick. And the difference in color is immediately noticeable.

She then contours in the usual manner: cheek bones, forehead along the hairline (because she likes a "short forehead"), and in the now-classic shape of a three, which starts at forehead, goes to the cheekbone, and then down to the jaw. Once all the product is applied, she blends using KKW Beauty's Concealer Brush II ($18). She tackles the dark contours with the kabuki brush side while blending in the highlighter-slash-concealer with the dampened sponge side.

From there, it's finishing touches. Kardashian brings the medium contour stick's lighter color to her lips, which make them look "a little bigger if you over-line it a touch." And to seamlessly tie it all together, she uses the darker color around her waterline and blended onto her lid as an eyeshadow.

Voilà — the Kim Kardashian sculpt in under five minutes. Take that, snooze button.