The Perfume Lover In Your Life Is Eyeing This Kilian Holiday Gift Set

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Kilian holiday 2020 perfume set.
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Some things are holiday gifting staples: wallets, wine, a cashmere sweater you know they'll actually wear. Then, there is perfume — which can feel practically mandatory. For some giftees, you know there's nothing else they really want once the holidays roll around other than to unwrap a tiny, pretty bottle, and spritz on a new fragrance they've never tried before. It sounds simple, but the new Kilian holiday 2020 perfume sets prove it's anything but. The just-unveiled gift sets from the prestige fragrance brand accomplish three things all at once. They're gorgeous, they smell incredible, and they offer up the variety a true perfume lover is undoubtedly craving.

Since if that special someone in your life has an entire section of their vanity dedicated to 10-plus bottles of perfume, there's a not-so-slim chance they match their fragrance to their mood — or occasion, outfit, and so on, so forth. There are two Kilian options for that type of fragrance aficionado: the $195 Holiday Discovery Set and the $240 Holiday Miniature Carafe Set, both of which arrived at counters on Oct. 15 but are available online, as well. (Although yes, any of the brand's holiday gift ideas will thrill both fans and newcomers to the scents, if you prefer a more single-perfume approach.)

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As the name implies, the Holiday Discovery Set is the Kilian gift for those who want to sample their way through the brand's fragrance wardrobe. It includes eight trial-sized fragrances, spanning across fan favorites like the classic going-out Good Girl Gone Bad to the sweet, marshmallow and neroli Love, Don't Be Shy. A decorative black travel case is thrown in, too, so you can protect your fragrances while you're out and about, and always know exactly where they are in your bag.

Courtesy of Kilian

On the flip side, the holiday carafe set is created to be displayed. The five-fragrance selection is packaged in elegant, liquor-inspired carafes, similar to the packaging used in the new (and extremely popular) Kilian Liquors collection. It also happens to bundle up five of the brand's best-sellers: Good Girl Gone Bad, Woman in Gold, and more.

Regardless of which one you choose, the person on the receiving end of either set has plenty of perfumes to play with. Shop both new sets below, or find them at stockists such as Sephora, Neiman Marcus, or Bloomingdale's.

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