Kendall Jenner's Latest Hair Update Finds A Happy Medium Between Blonde & Brunette

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Thought that celebrities would take a break from beauty transformations just because the holidays are drawing very near? Think again, because their ever-busy schedules aren't slowing down — which means they've got to keep their looks on point (and keep fans on their toes in the process). Thus, it's really no surprise that Kendall Jenner's light brown hair has swiftly replaced her short-lived ombré locks, taking her yet another step further from her signature dark strands.

It wasn't long ago that the supermodel debuted a slightly more subtle hair switch up, when she posted a series of photos to her Instagram on Nov. 29 showing off an ombré look that lightened up her ends but kept her dark roots intact. The resulting mane might convince anyone to take on a subtly lighter look for winter, but for Jenner it seems like it could've been a quick pit stop on the way to this even brighter hair change.

The new color was created by celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding on Dec. 15 — yes, Jenner wrangled her glam team on a Sunday to work on her look — before hair stylist to the stars Jen Atkin fashioned Jenner's fresh light brunette locks in effortless supermodel waves.

The lighter chocolatey color that Kaeding mixed up has rich caramel hues that give Jenner's face major warmth, without ridding her of the dimension and depth that the supermodel's accustomed to with her typically darker hair. Plus, the lighter sunshine-kissed strands are perfectly complemented by the red-hot lipstick hue she's rocking, courtesy of makeup artist Mary Phillips (who used KKW Beauty's Red Crème Lipstick in orange-red "Hot Sauce" by the way).

Jenner's brightened up mane serves some serious inspiration for brunettes looking to shake their shade up ever so subtly. Try adopting a slightly lighter shade like hers if you've been itching to go blonde but can't wrap your head around such a significant transition; it'll ease you into the lighter end of the color spectrum in a way that's totally manageable and chic.

Feeling inspired? Send your thanks to Jenner for keeping things interesting, and set up an appointment with your colorist STAT. Then, stock up on caramel brunette essentials to maintain the style.

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