KAYALI’s Newest Launch Gives Your Hair A Chance To Have Its Own Signature Scent

Courtesy of KAYALI
KAYALI's newest product will be launching on Sept. 25.

As harmless as coating your hair in the same perfume you use for your body seems, the harsh reality is it’s basically the equivalent of asking for damaged locks. If you'd like to hard pass on that, it’s time to invest in a product that’s specifically made to make your hair smell as good as the rest of you. That is, without ruining your silky strands, and KAYALI's Déjà Vu White Flower | 57 Hair Mist — launching Sept. 25 —might just be that.

The concept for this alcohol-free mist that puts hair first came from president and co-founder of Huda Beauty and KAYALI Mona Kattan's roots, which directly translated into how she plays with scent and why she created this. "In the Middle East, fragrance is taken very seriously; we spray perfume everywhere!" she says in an email to The Zoe Report. "I spray it on my sheets, my clothes, and my hair. I used tons of hair perfumes and mists, but I realized that a lot of hair perfumes can be really drying to your hair." So began the work of designing a $40 fragrance that was powerful enough to scent your hair, but also provide benefits rather than damage.

Courtesy of KAYALI

The winning combination for the nourishing side of things ended up being camellia oil, aloe, and castor oil — all important factors in helping moisturize and add shine. The scent, on the other hand, is a gentle and sweet blend of about 11 different notes.

Titled Déjà Vu White Flower | 57, the scent already comes in the form of perfume — and it's not a fragrance worth missing. From personal experience, I've found that the sweetness of its vanilla and gardenia mixed with the more sultry notes of Sri Lankan sandalwood and patchouli allows it to morph and meld throughout the day. Though it's considered a warm floral, it's too unique to be categorized.

To leave the lingering smell of flowers and company in your hair, Kattan has a few tips. “I recommend spraying the KAYALI Hair Mist directly onto your hair, fluffing it through the hair as you go! I almost massage my scalp and lift my hair up as I spray so it’s evenly distributed through my hair, not just on the top layer!" Kattan also shared two other clever tips: spritzing the towel you use to dry your hair with post-shower, or spraying it on your hairbrush before using.

Courtesy of KAYALI

She also strongly suggests mixing different amalgamations of fragrances — even when it comes to your hair. "KAYALI means ‘my imagination’ in Arabic and we really want everyone who uses the brand to foster that mentality when playing with our products. Try new fragrances, experiment with layering, and use your imagination!"

Your next opportunity to find a (healthy) signature scent for your hair will be available starting Sept. 25 from Huda Beauty's and Sephora's websites.