Juice Beauty's New At-Home Facial Couldn't Have Launched At A Better Time

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Courtesy of Juice Beauty
Juice Beauty's new Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial with campaign model Hannah Ann Sluss.

Although visiting a facialist any time soon still feels like a far-off, distant dream, the clean beauty brand Juice Beauty is stepping up to the plate. Launched on May 13, Juice Beauty's new Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial is the at-home version of a sophisticated chemical treatment you'd be able to get at a spa — though the $52 vegan and cruelty-free facial can be delivered right to your doorstep. Better yet, it's actually as quick as it is easy; the flash facial only needs to be left on your skin for one to two minutes.

"The new Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial is a facial, exfoliating mask, and cleanser in one. This intense, air-whipped, power-packed formula provides both physical and chemical exfoliation for glowing skin," Juice Beauty Founder, Karen Behnke, tells The Zoe Report over email. "Our new Instant Flash Facial is part of our newest skincare collection, the Prebiotix collection, that is rooted in microbiome science to support intense hydration and a healthy skin barrier."

Since, as you undoubtedly know, a happy skin barrier is essential. To help keep the facial easy on skin, Juice Beauty skipped over harsh physical exfoliators, opting to include what Behnke calls "patent-pending biodegradable plant-derived exfoliating beads" — which are as gentle as they sound. "These beads are rich in vitamins E and B5 and exfoliate without scratching or harming the skin’s barrier. The natural beads, derived from plant cellulose, act as a 'smart sensor' because if pressure applied on the particles is too intense for the skin, they simply start disintegrating," says the founder.

Courtesy of Juice Beauty

That said, don't underestimate the Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial's exfoliation capability. It's packed with powerful alpha hydroxy acids, like lime caviar and tartaric acid — a skin-smoothing ingredient "derived from fermented grapes," notes Behnke. "All products in the [Prebiotix] collection, including our new Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial, are formulated with a proprietary Prebiotix Bio-fermented Complex to help balance the microbiome with high-performance prebiotic ingredients," she adds.

Or, as Hannah Ann Sluss — Prebiotix Instant Flash Facial campaign model and The Bachelor star — explained in a press quote: "It gives me instant results and a natural glow without having to go to the spa." Shop the new facial for yourself by visiting Juice Beauty's website.

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