This Massage Tool Mimics Joanna Vargas' Signature Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Courtesy of Joanna Vargas
The latest addition to Joanna Vargas' lineup is the Magic Glow Wand, an at-home face massager

Oh, how wonderful it would be to waltz into Joanna Vargas' spa and come out with skin as milky as Elisabeth Moss'. Alas, $300 facials are a touch over budget for many. Thanks to the skin guru's new massage tool, though — the Magic Glow Wand — you can get the Joanna Vargas treatment at home.

If Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba, Naomi Watts, and Julianne Moore have only one thing in common, it's that they owe their covetable complexions to Joanna Vargas. The famous facialist-to-the-stars is known for her A-list roster, yes, but she's also done wonders for making high-end skincare accessible to all.

There's already a bounty of face washes, eye creams, serums, and masks with Vargas' name on it, but this is the first time the spa owner has unveiled a device of any kind. Her new Magic Glow Wand is a $285 USB-powered massage tool inspired by the facialist's cult-favorite lymphatic drainage salon treatments.

The lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of toxins in the skin and if it's never drained, Vargas' website explains, the buildup of fluids can result in puffiness and dullness. Regular massaging can help to liven up your complexion, allowing you to finally reach your optimal glow potential.

Courtesy of Joanna Vargas

The Magic Glow Wand, launched May 1, features four settings: Hot, which stimulates circulation and loosens sebum; cold, which combats puffiness and minimizes the appearance of pores; then a massage setting for both.

Massaging skin on a hot setting will help your skin absorb product while massaging on a cold setting helps to soothe and keep redness at bay. You can use the wand after cleansing and applying your daily serum (it only takes three minutes) or use it over a sheet mask as part of your nightly self-care rituals.

The wand — which received the title of Best Skincare Device by Cosmopolitan's 2020 Holy-Grail Beauty Awards — features a sensitive skin-friendly titanium head and comes with a nifty travel pouch because guess what? You're never leaving home without it again.

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