The New Cool-Girl Bag That's About To Be The Next Instagram Star

Jeu Illimité

In a post-Birkin era, when purses can become as iconic as the women who wear them, there's always another brand coming out that's supposed to be the next It-bag. That kind of makes exclusivity, minimalism, and overall lack of pomp unheard of in the modern bag game — but that's likely the reason you're going to see this Jeu Illimité mini bag everywhere.

Like designer Jessie Andrews' other brands Bagatiba and Basic Swim, you can only buy the Jeu Illimité line on the brand's website. That hasn't stopped celebrities from flocking to her work, though. A favorite of the Kardashian and Hadid crowd, Andrews' work is technical without complication, relaxed without being lazy, and most of all, really, really pretty. Bagatiba is one of the top-performing stores on Shopify. Does this bag have your attention now?

Because with the Jeu Illimité Cherie mini bag, Andrews has done it again. Jeu Illimité is all about combining French girl essentials and ready-to-wear fundamentals with head-turning specialty pieces (though you may make excuses to wear this floor-length black gown with a slit up the thigh on a Monday night).

In the same vein, Cherie is fundamentally utilitarian; the 100 percent leather bag is only 4 inches tall, 6.25 inches wide, and 2 inches deep. Jeu Illimité writes that it should fit your phone, wallet, and essentials — this is not a purse you can lose your keys in — yet it still has the same mysterious, electrifying undercurrent as a leg-baring dress. Because when you leave the house with a bag this small around you, people may wonder what you don't have to hide.

Jeu Illimité is certainly no stranger to Instagram fame. Christie Tyler of @nycbambi posted a photo of herself wearing a dress from the brand in July 2018, as did Alyssa Coscarelli of @alyssainthecity the following month. Given the new bag's photo-worthy nature and the brand's already-steady following from some of fashion's favorite influencers, the Cherie is sure to be the next Insta star to take over your feed in 2019.

Whether you rode the micro bag wave of 2018 or will make the Cherie your first venture into accessory minimalism, act fast: Andrews posted the Cherie on her Instagram, advertising the limited-number bag to her over 250,000 followers (which includes more trendsetting models than you can count and designer Virgil Abloh). Shop the Cherie below.