The Secret To Jasmine Tookes’ Clear Complexion Is Right In Your Freezer

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Some people rely on YouTube tutorials for their beauty routines. Jasmine Tookes relies on her camera roll. "At this point, I have more photos of product on my phone than anyone else!" she jokes over the phone, revealing that she takes photos of nearly every product that her various makeup artists use. The model, 29, has no shame in the fact that she's not afraid of a little experimentation when it comes to her hair, makeup, and skincare, and stands firm in the fact that when she loves a product, she basically wipes it off the shelves. But Jasmine Tookes's no makeup-makeup beauty routine is one that's pretty inherent to her aesthetic.

"I wore zero makeup until I was 18," she says, a once-gripe that has formed into an undying appreciation. And because she wasn't playing in palettes, Tookes became an expert of sorts on skincare. She began experimenting with different formulas, including Fresh Beauty's Soy collection, of which she recently became the face.

Ahead, check out the secrets to achieving supermodel-level skin, and find out why Tookes will never say no to huge falsies and extensions.

Jasmine Tookes' No-Nonsense Skincare Routine

"I never skip out on using the Fresh Soy Cleanser because I’m always looking for something that’s really gentle on my skin and I really believe in not stripping away any of your natural oils," Tookes says of the hydrating cucumber, rose water, and soy formula. "I love that it's gentle enough but still takes off all the makeup that I’m wearing throughout the day. Unlike many other cleansers, my skin doesn't feel dry after I rinse everything away. It's the first step in my skincare routine and then I follow with my toners and moisturizers."

And when she's on a flight — which she admits is pretty often — she spends her time in the air giving her skin some more TLC. "Some people may be surprised that I wash my face first thing when I get on a plane," she says. "After I cleanse, I use the Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil because it keeps my skin hydrated during long trips." And if you take a peek in her bag, you're guaranteed to find her hoarding more skincare goodies. "I have all different kinds of sheet masks at any given moment in my purse. I like to keep them cold so right before we land I'll pop one on to really make sure my skin was moisturized."

While she loves to indulge in luxury beauty findings, Tooke's biggest and best beauty secret came straight from her mom. "She taught me to incorporate icing my face into my routine," she says. "So after I wash and apply my products, I ice immediately to close my pores and it makes my skin really tight and firm. Some mornings if I have a big shoot, I’ll ice my face right before. Luckily, my skin tone doesn’t get too red where you can see the effects."

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On Being A Late Bloomer To Makeup

"I was only allowed to wear Maybelline's clear mascara until I was 18 and I was always so jealous of my friends because they always got to experiment with different looks," she says. However, in hindsight, Tookes is happy her mom enforced that rule. "I feel like it’s helped my skin to be very clear in the long run," she says. "When I was going through those teenage breakouts, I wasn't conditioned to make it worse by covering with makeup."

However, once Tookes was formally introduced to the land of eyeshadow, foundations, and lashes when she began modeling, she was eager to fully immerse herself in the possibility. "Because I wasn't used to it when I started being on set all the time I really paid attention to makeup," she says. "If I liked the makeup, I would ask the artist what they were using on my skin. Then, I'd take a photo of the product and then go and buy it and try it myself. It was a lot of trial and error, but I find that if you discover a color or product that’s good for your skin tone, you should just buy a bunch of it because you never know how long it will be available."

On Embracing Different Levels Of Glam

Ask Tookes when she feels her most beautiful, and she won't hesitate to tell you that it varies. "I love when my team comes over and gives me Beyoncé hair and a heavy lash, some days I’m like, 'Let’s go full glam,'" she says. "That makes me feel very powerful and kind of like a standout. It really brings something out in girls when they have their hair and makeup done. You can see the energy literally transform when we get extensions, or wear a bold red lip. I think that’s a little more fun when you can play different kind of characters of yourself." However, just as much as she loves playing dress up, a slick back bun with bare skin on full-display also helps Tookes tap into her sexy. "If I’m just at home with my boyfriend or with my friends going out for dinner I really love a very clean look," she says. "Like my hair pulled off my face, and the most minimal amount of makeup, it all just depends on my mood."