Indie Lee's Latest Drop Is Here To Save You From Holiday Season Exhaustion

Indie Lee
Indie Lee's new Sleep collection promotes restful sleep so you wake up refreshed.

Late nights in the office trying to tie up projects by end of year. Last-minute shopping sprees to pick up presents for loved ones. Looking for a subtly sneaky exit at your third cocktail party of the evening so you can go home to get some shut-eye. Sound like your life during the holidays? Getting quality sleep during this season can be seriously challenging, but it's imperative if you're going to make it to next year in one piece. Arriving just in the nick of time, Indie Lee's new Sleep collection hopes to help.

Indie Lee operates on the straightforward belief that knowledge is power — it's why the clean beauty brand doesn't just create effective products from science-backed, naturally-derived ingredients, but encourages its consumers to educate themselves on everything that comes into contact with their bodies. But you know what fuels you on your quest for knowledge? A good night's rest. And that's where the latest drop from Indie Lee comes in.

On Nov. 4 the brand uncovered the Sleep collection, the latest addition to its well-rounded range of skin, body, and mind wellness rituals. And in case it wasn't obvious, this line is meant to make all your restful sleep dreams come true.

The five-product range (one of Indie Lee's larger drops of late) introduces nighttime essentials for enhancing your sleep-prepping regimen: a bath soak, body wash, body oil, facial oil, and lastly, a pillow mist to send you into a restful slumber.

Start getting into the mindset of turning off and chilling out with the Sleep collection's bath products, the $24 Sleep Body Wash and $42 Sleep Soak. Both are infused with calming natural essential oils from lavandin, lavender and Moroccan chamomile to soothe the skin, along with relaxing aromas from earthy patchouli and grounding vetiver. The goal? To step out of the bath or shower ready to recharge.

The brand developed the Sleep Body Oil, $45, with softening and protecting jojoba, grapeseed, and marula oils to banish dryness, and infused it with the same trio of relaxation-inducing aromatic essential oils to deepen your state of calm in body and mind — slather it on immediately after bathing to continue chilling out. Then, apply several drops of the rosehip, jojoba, and sweet almond Overnight Facial Oil, $75, to plump, protect, and balance for a bright, rested face by morning.

Stock up on Indie Lee's full Sleep Collection below to secure some restful sleep this season.