IGK’s Latest Launch Is An Easy Answer For Dull, Flat Hair

Courtesy of IGK

You may be able to blame winter weather for all the mornings you've woken up with dull, flat hair this month. But in all likelihood, anyone who tries IGK's Next Level volume spray will probably end up keeping it on-hand 365 days of the year. The spray certainly is created to breathe life into hair exhausted by 0 degree temperatures; however, the fact that it's both a volume spray and a dose of the vitamins your hair needs should earn it a spot in your haircare arsenal all year long.

While not protecting your hair from dry winter air can do a number on it, that may not even be the culprit behind the currently lifeless state of your tresses. Therefore, the $28 Next Level spray doesn't just rely on dousing your locks with moisture — though it is formulated with vitamin-rich coconut oil fatty acids that penetrate and subsequently hydrate hair. The spray also uses geranium flower extract to balance scalp health (the gateway to happy, healthy hair) and Nordic cotton extract to add the much-needed instantaneous volume you've come to expect from a volumizing hair spray.

Yes, cotton. This isn't the first time that cotton has been used in haircare: Refinery29 put a spotlight on cotton in beauty products and touched base with a dermatologist back in 2014. However, using the extract for a volume spray is a 2019 twist, and IGK's before-and-after pictures of the spray on hair work to banish any cotton skepticism.


Anyone who's ever tried to make a subpar volume spray something it's not knows that it's about more than just great formulation. IGK went ahead and highlighted right off the bat in Next Level's product description that the spray is buildable, touchable, and, more specifically, non-crunchy. This descriptor may not seem important, but it means the world to anyone that's layered on volume spray and wound up with stiff, frozen, crunchy hair.

Sound like just the thing you need to turn your hair's volume up to (pardon the pun) the next level? The new IGK volume spray landed on its website Jan. 31, so just keep scrolling down to grab a can for yourself.