This Is The Coolest Way To Wear A Blazer Right Now

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If there was any one item that pervaded Instagram with absolute ubiquity in both 2017 and 2018, it was the Gucci Double G logo belt. With it, belts went from an occasional afterthought to a must-have accessory. Consider this alongside the rise of the checked blazer — which has replaced its denim and leather counterparts as the jacket du jour in recent seasons — and this next trend makes perfect sense. Enter: the belted blazer outfit. It’s a look that’s been gradually rising the ranks over the course of this year, proving its versatility and staying power with each passing season.

In the spring, structured jackets were girded at the waist over floaty skirts and vintage denim. When summer’s heat set in, the look evolved accordingly, giving way to belted blazer dresses and the streetwear-favorite combo of bike shorts and a lightweight blazer, cinched in with a sporty belt, of course. And most recently, with the cooling temps of fall and winter, you're likely seeing full suits sashed around the middle, as well as oversized blazers in plaid and wool worn over knits and under coats, with a belt to lasso in all those layers.

It’s clear this trend isn’t going away any time soon, so if you haven’t yet hopped on the belted blazer bandwagon, now’s the time. Designers are putting out several renditions that come ready-to-wear with blazer and belt, but one of the nice things about this look is that it can be easily pulled together using pieces you already own. Just grab your go-to tailored jacket and a belt from your closet and get to cinching. And here’s a quick tip: If your belt doesn’t adjust small enough to be worn high on the waist, you can take it to your local shoe repair shop where they’ll add extra holes — or you can try to DIY it, if you’re feeling confident. Alternatively, you can also knot it instead of clasping it. Scroll on to see all the ways you can wear a belted blazer, and why it’s bound to become your new uniform of choice.

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Logomania has swept the fashion world, and there's no better way to display your favorite designer monogram than emblazoned on a belt at the front and center of your outfit. Tone done the showiness with some casual styling: Start with an oversized blazer dress and fasten your logo belt in an unfussy, relaxed way. Then add some western (or otherwise rugged) leather boots and a baseball cap to complete the insouciant vibe.


If you're an all black, all the time kind of woman, all you need is a belt to take your onyx uniform from "a little bit basic" to "100 percent boss lady". Try a sharp-shouldered black blazer nipped in at the waist with a modern O-ring belt. Complete the ensemble with a high-neck top and ankle-length stovepipe trousers and prepare to own every room you're in.


This year has brought bike shorts back into our sartorial repertoire, and with the help of a belt and blazer this once gym-exclusive garment can transform into something surprisingly polished. For an elevating effect, choose a jacket in a dressier fabric with a subtle sheen (elegant details like a contrast lapel help too), and a thin, delicate belt.


Tuck the ends of a long scarf into your belt for a more put-together approach to cold-weather accessorizing. It's a sleeker look than wearing your scarf wrapped around your neck, plus you have a reason to keep it on indoors.

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The sheer trend is a tricky one to pull off, but add a longline black blazer and a classic black belt and suddenly a mesh midi dress looks practically office-appropriate. (Well, creative industry office-appropriate anyway...)

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You're a modern woman; you can't be put in just one box, and neither should your outfit. This blazer-belt combination speaks to both your sophisticated and your style-savvy sides. A tailored wool suit (plaid or not) is professional and timeless, while a chain-draped belt adds a cool, fashion-forward sensibility.


Who says you need a belt to get the belted blazer look? A fanny pack work just as well. A nylon belt-bag puts a sport spin on your go-to blazer, plus it's just so darn convenient for holding all your stuff.


If you're obsessed with boxy checked blazers right now (who isn't?), a leather belt will give you a fresh new way to wear it. Overlap the front panels and draw in the waist with a cognac leather strap. Don't be too perfect about it — intentionally unkempt is what you're going for, so leave some gathered folds and unevenness.

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A belted leather blazer is the wardrobe power player you didn't know you needed. The matching tie creates a more refined and waist-defining look than your traditional leather jacket, and it's the perfect outerwear for cooler weather when you need the extra weight. Layer it over a floaty dress or silk skirt to extend the wearability of those summery pieces.


Embrace an effortless French girl attitude in a boxy blazer dress with coordinating punch-hole belt worn loose and undone. Add tall cap-toe boots to bring in a bit of understated elegance in that perfectly Parisian way.


There are endless ways to freshen up a blazer, but this is particularly creative. Wear an oversized style slouched down and off the shoulders — a wide patent belt will help keep the reworked shape in place.


A traditional checked blazer feels trendy and of-the-moment when you pair it with a grommet-detailed cincher, neon turtleneck, frayed denim and clear heels. Finish with some futuristic shield sunglasses for the full effect.

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For an edgy spin on the trend, forgo the standard leather belt in favor of a metal chain style. Complete the preppy-meets-punk aesthetic with a bold plaid blazer and a mismatched plaid miniskirt. Feeling extra? Layer a black leather shirt under your blazer.

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A military-inspired double-breasted jacket calls for a minimalist, streamlined belt, sans buckle, loop or any showy details. Wear your blazer buttoned all the way up and your belt nice and tight. For further inspiration, reference Claire Underwood's wardrobe in House of Cards Season 6.

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A classic white suit is simple enough to handle a hefty piece of hardware, but because you're going bold in terms of size, stick to a similarly neutral-colored belt so it doesn't overwhelm the look. A monochrome palette will help keep things elegant and sleek.


An architectural leather peplum belt makes a major modern statement. When you're accessorizing with a showpiece like this, it's best to keep the rest of the outfit classic and simple. A well-tailored check blazer is the perfect match for the structural corset, while black-and-white everything else creates a nice base to let the belt take the spotlight.