The Best Way To Use Lip Gloss Isn’t On Your Lips

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I'd wager a guess that you probably have a litany of lip glosses littering your beauty vanity at this very moment. And if you're anything like me, it's not because you don't love them all — certain shades or formulas just happen to work for certain moments. Now, there are so many ways to utilize all shades of the rainbow without relegating them to the bottom of your makeup bag. According to makeup artists, using lip gloss as a highlighter, an eye gloss, or even a liner is one of the best and easiest hacks for the summer.

"Gloss the perfect makeup product because it will give the natural glow of a high-end editorial look without you having to spend an hour on your makeup," celebrity makeup artist Geo Brian Hennings, who works with Idina Menzel, says. "Pro artists have been doing it for years on photoshoots."

In theory, the traditionally sticky texture of gloss might not work... but artists agree that the products are are buildable and provide a comfortable and smooth application, especially with the new long-lasting, hydrating formulas on the market right now. So, no: You do not have to worry about your hair sticking to your eyes, lips, or cheekbones. Besides — with sunny days ahead, who wouldn't want to carry around a lighter makeup bag? One gloss could eliminate the need for extra tools.

Ahead, see all the ways to use your lipgloss for more than just your lips.

As A Highlighter

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Smile first, place one dot of gloss on the apple of your cheeks, then blend away towards your ear. It will look so natural with a skin-like shine. "Because of the high pigment and the smoothness of the formulation of the lip gloss, blending is a breeze," Hennings explains. Kathy Jeung, a celebrity makeup artist, who works with Liv Tyler, Pink, and Gwen Stefani, suggests using the wide end of a Beauty Blender sponge to apply formulas that veer metallic.

As Eye Gloss

"Classically, gloss was used on the lips only. But to me, there’s nothing more alluring than a glossy lid paired with lots of mascara," James Molloy, a Global Makeup Ambassador for Rimmel London, tells The Zoe Report.

To master this look, try a gloss that has a balmy feeling rather than anything too sticky. "The next-gen glosses usually have more of a slip and work beautifully over the lids," Molloy says.

As A Blush

"I would use gloss for a blush only when it’s applied on the highest planes of your cheekbones. This grabs the light and adds a sheer wash of color for a super sexy, natural look," says Aidan Keogh, a celebrity makeup artist who includes Kendall Jenner and Laura Harrier as clients. "It’s something that requires a light hand."

As Eye Liner

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"Keeping it tight to the lash line and adding some glitter works best," Keogh notes.


"One of my favorite ways to use a clear gloss is pairing it with a nude lip liner. Start by shaping your lips with the pencil then finish with clear lipgloss for a natural-looking 90s vibe," Molloy tells TZR.

Molloy also recommends teaming up your glosses for extreme emphasis. Try mixing your full color glosses with a shimmer or metallic shade for a fun custom blend.

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