All You Need Is $10 To Transform Your Winter Style


You know that no winter wardrobe is complete without an insulating coat, selection of cozy sweaters, and an all-weather boot or two. But once you've nailed those essentials down, there remains an array of more unassuming items that make dressing for the frigid weather a less daunting feat. Beanies, scarves, gloves, ear muffs, and the ilk all rank high on my list of winter must-haves, but there is one thing in particular that garners less acknowledgment than it deserves: a solid pair of socks. Sure, you have a totally un-embarrassing stockpile of snowflake print pairs to keep you toasty at home (#same), but when it comes to ones you'd let the world see, I'd venture to guess you're not bursting with ideas of cute ways to wear socks in the winter. Well, I'd like to change that.

You see, in recent years past I've started to believe that socks can make your outfit exponentially cooler than it was P.S. (pre-socks). In fact, they can do so many things: tie together color combinations, elongate your legs, bring in a deft touch of personality, and perhaps most relevant, make it feasible to wear more of your shoes during the winter. I love wearing dresses, skirts, and crop-flare jeans so when I'm subjugated to 30-degree temperatures it becomes quite the conundrum for me to do so. But, once I started incorporating cozy socks into my outfits, I realized that I felt more pulled-together and my outfits seemed less drum. A black sweater, jeans, and loafers look suddenly felt downtown-cool with the swift addition of my cobalt blue La Ligne socks (they also have white eyeballs embroidered on them, NBD). A chunky knit and slip skirt instantly appeared more stylish with a fancy pair of fishnet socks. You see what I'm getting at here?

Suffice it to say, I'm a big fan of socks, and to help illustrate why you should be as well I culled 10 outfits from some fashionable ladies. Check them out below and shop my favorite socks on the market right now to get your wardrobe winter (and life)-ready.

Pop Of Color

If you're sticking to a primarily-neutral look, polish it off with a brightly hued sock.


Rethinking The Basics

Simple white socks can feel both intentional and cool when styled well. We like the idea of them contrasting a black ankle boot and teamed alongside winter white jeans.


Old-School Cool

Give your next outfit the Man Repeller treatment and finish a wild outfit off with a pair of fitted ankle socks to help balance everything out.


Tube Socks For The Win

What better socks to pair with your chunky dad sneakers than the sporty classics?


Long Legs

A smart alternative to tights is a sheer black sock. Extra points if it comes in a fun-yet-subtle pattern, like stripes.


Every Day, All Day

Skip the no-shows and start wearing your sneakers with fun ankle socks— you'll see your feet and smile.


New Night-Out

For your next dinner date or holiday party style your fancy flats or heels with pretty sheer socks.


A+ Athleisure

For a consistently cool effect, wear a pair of high socks and sneakers with your next dress or top and skirt combination.


Polish Off Your Pumps

The easiest solution to wearing your favorite pumps during winter is a pair of splashy socks.



A midi skirt, mid-length sock, and low-heel pairing is a good styling trick to keep in your back pocket for when you're feeling low on outfit inspiration. Finish with a crewneck jumper or button-down shirt.