The One Winter Item Fashionable Women Rely On All Season Long


You may be dreaming of spring already, but we've still got plenty of winter ahead, which means a coat is a non-negotiable part of your daily dress code for the foreseeable future. Practical benefits aside — you know, warmth and all — the right coat can be a game-changer when it comes to looking chic through the big chill. Find one that’s truly exquisite, and it has the power to completely transform your cold-weather wardrobe. Fortunately, there are so many options out there right now — nailing how to style a statement coat is your next trend challenge to tackle.

Let's start with your myriad of options. You have Saks Potts’ signature fur-cuffed patent leather trench (several other SP styles are quickly becoming ubiquitous as well), graphic faux furs by Shrimps, Stand, and Staud, plus so many super-stylized, super-puffy puffers from Moncler and Ienki Ienki (to name a small few). Now is the time to ditch the dull threads in favor of outerwear that’s fun, bold, and eye-catching.

A pop of color is a welcome respite from winter’s sea of blacks and grays and beiges. If you don’t typically wear a lot of bright hues, a vibrant coat is an easy way to try out a more chromatic look without committing to color all day. Just toss a prismatic topper or color-blocked cloak over your usual uniform of basics and muted neutrals, that way you can remove it once you get where you’re going and return to your color-free comfort zone (though I bet you won’t want to).

And while you're on the subject of layering a bold topcoat over a plain look... lazy girls, take note: When you put on an incredible coat, you can get away with wearing practically anything underneath (yes, even sweatpants) and still appear put-together and chic. Just look to such influential fashion idols as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who both routinely pair ultra-casual basics, like leggings, joggers, and sneakers, with the most luxurious topcoats and vintage outerwear. And who could forget the time Carrie Bradshaw sprinted down the steps of her NYC apartment on New Year’s Eve wearing her pajamas and a long fur coat? Iconic.

From daring color-play and attention-grabbing prints to ornate embellishments and unique silhouettes, scroll on for 16 inspiring examples of statement coats taking center stage.



Feathers are having a moment — and they're especially lovely in fresh shades of lavender. Try with bold booties for a trendy look.

Fuzzy Details


If you haven't yet noticed, coat with fur cuffs and fuzzy trim are everywhere right now. Keep the rest of your look simple with this one.

Floral Appliqués

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

Breathe a bit of spring into your winter look with floral appliqués and girlish puff sleeves. Pair with tall white boots for a bold ensemble.

Metallic Puffer


A futuristic metallic puffer will make even the most neutral ensemble look edgy and modern. Layer it with a longer coat for a bit of balance.

Colorful Shearling


Shaggy shearlings in saccharine shades are the next best thing to wrapping up in a cozy blanket on the couch. Try with a sleek button-down for an unexpected pairing.

Saks Potts Trench


The famous Saks Potts Foxy trench — the coat that literally everyone on Instagram is wearing, from your favorite bloggers to Kendall Jenner and Cardi B.

Bright Plaid


Plaid is an obvious choice for fall and winter, but do it in rainbow hues and it suddenly makes a statement.

Statement Florals


A floral car coat with ruffled sleeves is sweet, but styled with cold weather staples like utilitarian black boots makes for a cool contrast.



For those less color-inclined, go for a graphic black-and-white number styled with a sleek turtleneck underneath.



Another Saks Potts style on the rise — this one in a bold ombré colorway and retro swing silhouette. Try wearing it with sportier pieces to tone down the inherently feminine silhouette.

Oversized Puffer

Grosescu Alberto Mihai/Shutterstock

Puffers go from sporty to stylish when you start playing with proportions. Try a belted version to create a sharper shape, or go ultra oversized for maximum impact.



Take a walk on the wild side in a leopard print cloak. Since leopard is basically a neutral these days, feel free to style with your bold hue of choice.

Abstract Florals


Large-scale florals border on the abstract, and in bold black-and-white it's even more impactful.

Slick Vinyl

Cornel Cristian Petrus/Shutterstock

Slick PVC and vinyl jackets are not just for when it rains. Try one in a powerful color like red or royal blue if you really want a head-turning look.

Faux Fur


Faux furs, like this style by the Scandinavian label Stand, are getting the color-block and graphic treatment. Look for high-contrast color schemes and bold geometric details.



For the modern Penny Lane, an embroidered tapestry shearling style with a bohemian essence and city-girl edge.