How To Combat A Bad Hair Day, Thanks To Hailey Baldwin & Her Endless Collection Of Baseball Caps

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No one strikes the perfect balance between casual and cool quite like Hailey Baldwin. Whether she’s channeling the late Princess Diana in the pages of Vogue Paris or spending the day out with her husband Justin Bieber, the 23-year-old model’s ensembles feel both relaxed and polished. And if you’re looking for the perfect solution for how to combat a bad hair day, just take a note from Baldwin and throw a baseball cap on.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Baldwin’s off-duty ensembles, chances are you’ve stumbled upon a look or two (or three) where she’s sporting a classic, All-American baseball cap. And accompanying her go-to topper is often a messy bun or tousled locks. And yet the model’s head-to-toe looks still feel elevated only proving that this last-minute addition has the power to pull an entire outfit together.

This Hailey Baldwin-approved accessory will go with just about anything. And the model’s varying ensembles featuring the hat only prove this theory further. From coordinating her baseball cap with other details in her outfit to finishing off an ‘80s-inspired outfit with a simple white style, Baldwin has mastered the art of seamlessly incorporating the piece into her wardrobe.

To feed your need for sartorial inspiration, scroll through to see just how the highly sought-after model styles a baseball cap with her ensembles. And when you’re ready to add them to your closet, shop for your favorites. Without a doubt, the next time you face a bad hair day, you’ll have the perfect accessory to fight against it.

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