The $5 Secret Behind Madisin Rian’s Glowing Complexion

Madisin Rian
Madisin Rian posing in her living room while wearing a bathrobe

This global pandemic is affecting people in ways both big and small, to say the least. But if anything, it's given the world a reason to slow down. Including your favorite jetsetting models like Madisin Rian. "I am trying to take advantage where I can and enjoy it," the Armani Beauty spokesmodel based in Brooklyn, NY, tells TZR over email. "I’ve been working on a number of projects the past few weeks. Some are things I haven’t explored in years."

To break up the monotony of being indoors, Rian says that she's been sharpening her cooking, photography, and music skills. The key to keeping it exciting? "Having a daily routine," she notes. "It keeps me happy and feeling good and positive day-to-day."

If you're going a little stir-crazy yourself, see Rian's exclusive at-home diary ahead. (And load up the Instacart, because you'll definitely want to make her loaded breakfast sandwich.)

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Madisin Rian's Morning Routine

Madisin Rian

"I’ve always been of the mindset that if you nourish and cater to your body and mind properly, you will see results both internally and externally. When starting my day, I always begin with drinking three glasses of water. To me, water will always be the vital key to good health and glowing skin. It rehydrates you, fires up your metabolism, helps your body flush out toxins, and gives your brain proper fuel for the day."

Madisin Rian

"For breakfast, I make a sandwich loaded up with mashed avocado, smoked salmon, a fried egg, and sautéed greens. Toast your English muffin and spread the avocado on both sides. Hummus or pesto works great in place of avocado, too. Load it up and serve with your fruit of choice. You’re going to need a napkin (or three) for this one but trust me it’s worth every crumb."

Madisin Rian's Makeup Routine

Madisin Rian
Madisin Rian

"Now time to get ready for the day. I still use my go-to — Luminous Silk Foundation by Armani Beauty. I love glowy, juicy skin, so this foundation for me has been quite the essential, as it lasts all the throughout the day! It is lightweight, smooth, and gives you a natural flawless finish.

"Nude tones have always been my go-to as I feel they’re easiest to apply, and can also be worn anytime of day. My faves include the Eyes To Kill Eye Quattro in 2 and Lip Maestro in 525."

Madisin Rian's Comfortable Wardrobe

Madisin Rian

"Once makeup is complete, I usually change into something light and comfortable. I love lounging in comfy robes, tank tops, t-shirts, sweats, or anything simple and casual. I’ve also used this time to relax, meditate, go on daily walks, exercise, and spend much needed time with my family throughout the day."

Madisin Rian's Bedtime Routine

Madisin Rian

"Before bed, I like to wind down with a bubble bath, a glass of red, some R&B music, and a good facial. Now, my favorite go-to product when removing makeup is very simple: coconut oil. This oil helps to remove any all excess makeup as well as acting as a moisturizer after cleansing. When applied before bed, this protects and nourishes skin overnight and also gives it a radiant glow the morning after."

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