The $235 Eye Cream That Revives Shiona Turini's Skin, Even After All Nighters

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You probably know Shiona Turini's body of work, even if you don't realize it. Whether you've screenshotted one of Issa Rae's colorblocked outfits from Insecure or fawned over those Brother Vellies snakeskin knee-highs from Queen And Slim, her aesthetic reveals itself in almost every facet of Hollywood. And while the fashion aficionado will always declare clothing as her first love, costume designer Shiona Turini is stepping to the forefront of beauty, joining forces with La Mer as a paid spokesperson for the skincare favorite's newest Eye Concentrate.

"I got tired of looking in the mirror at jobs and thinking 'Wow, this is what I look like showing up to set?'" Turini tells TZR in a late February phoner. "I just felt so depleted and I'd kind of let my skincare routine fall by the wayside. I'm so grateful La Mer stepped in to add life to my face even when I was exhausted."

And as Turini recovers from a demanding fashion month, she's taking the time to priortize self-care — which ties into her skincare routine. Ahead, read more on her in-flight skincare secrets, the difference between her approach to fashion and makeup, and that Barbie collaboration heard all around the web.

Shiona Turini's Woman-On-The-Move Skincare Routine

"I am just not a 12-step girl," Turini says. "Love and respect to those women that can have a bathroom full of top-shelf products and the latest and greatest, but because my schedule is so crazy and because I travel so much I really need things that I can visibly see are working."

And with a schedule that's showing no signs of slowing down, she's relying on two La Mer must-haves, water, and some adorable pimple patches to keep her skin looking its best even when she has little time to tend to it. "I love the new La Mer Eye Concentrate, and I feel like it's been revolutionary to my daily routine," she says. "On the set of Queen And Slim I was getting visible under-eye circles. I love bags, not under my eyes! I wanted something that I could see the results if I stuck with it, and I did. I physically saw a difference in my under-eye area so I was like this is my new miracle, magical product." But it's not just under-eyes that have troubled Turini, her adult acne that often forms along her jawline has found relief with the help of the luxury brand. "I love The Concentrate," she says. "My sister and I get patches of breakouts so I just dab a little at night I can see a difference."

But when she's on the plane and without her toiletry bag, she keeps two things near: lots of H20 and Star Face's pimple patches. "I’m notoriously terrible at drinking a lot of water," she says. "I have to remind myself and put alerts in my phone and because I am on a plane so much that’s something that I felt like really transformed how I felt and how I looked. So when I feel a breakout coming and I'm up in the air or on the move, I pop on the adorable patches and they work really well."

The Staunch Difference Between Her Love For Fashion And Makeup

Turini the first to admit that she has an affinity for "extra," but that only applies to fashion. "I’m never going to be underdressed anywhere," Turini says. "I’m probably going to be the overdressed one. That's why I think that’s why I like to keep my makeup a little more minimal because I never want to look like too fake, I just want to look like myself." It's for that reason that when it comes to makeup, Turini's routine is noticeably more understated. "I got into an accident when I was young and had stitches on my forehead," she says. "God bless the doctor that pulled the skin a little tighter so that the scar would be in the middle of my eyebrow and not going across my forehead, but my eyebrow was essentially split into two. The most important part of my makeup routine really is making sure I still have my eyebrows and then a dab of concealer." And like most brow lovers, the relies on a cult-favorite to make her look work. "I love Glossier Boy Brow," she says. "It’s super easy to use."

On Her Decision To Go (And Stay) Natural

For the past two years, Turini has almost exclusively wore her hair in twists in braids. The decision was initially out of convenience, but it morphed into something much deeper. "I stopped straightening my hair for a number of reasons a very long time ago," she says. "I just feel like when I started in fashion, there was this pressure or this assumption that I would wear my hair straight. At one point someone may have told me that this looks more professional." It's a misconception Turini is dedicated to break, especially for young girls.

In February of this year, the stylist teamed up with Barbie to create a digital campaign featuring Black dolls with diverse hair types inspired by the children in her family. "I have this amazing little girl group of cousins, and I never want them to straighten their hair," she explains. "I really try to shift the narrative, especially when their parents get them dressed up for Easter or for church. I’m always like, 'Do not straighten their hair. Do not instill in them that they are more dressed up when their hair is straight.'" Mattel made that task easy, and Turini was excited to see that Barbie was already a few steps ahead. "I was impressed and I was super proud," she says. "We changed a curl pattern [on the doll], and we also added the finger waves because I thought that looked very cool for that Barbie."

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