Hermès' Fall/Winter 2020 Show Featured A Sneak Peek Of The Brand's New Lipsticks

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Red lipsticks are a dime a dozen during Paris Fashion Week. A staple for the French "cool girl" look, crimson pouts pop up on a good chunk of the runway shows that happen during the final stretch of Fashion Month. At first blush, the look at Hermès Fall/Winter 2020 was more of the same — a parade of models, some sporting bright lip shades, were spotted with slicked-back hair styles.

But something was different at this show. In fact, Hermès took the opportunity to give a sneak peek of the brand's forthcoming lipstick line, which is launching tomorrow. According to lead makeup artists Dick Page's Instagram, at least one of the lipstick shades spotted on the runway was of Hermès' — a bright coral that Page called Rouge à Levres in Orange Boîte. But his Instagram page suggests that there were other shades used on the runway — everything from a bold true red to a pinky nude. (Page seems to have had a bit of fun playing around the new lipstick shades. Can you blame him?)

Aside from the bold lips, the rest of the look appeared pretty stripped down — bare, moisturized skin, groomed brows, and the lightest touch of blush on the cheeks.

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The models' hair, which was executed by lead hairstylist James Pecis, seemed done just so in order to show off the lips. Pecis softly side parted the hair (a trend that's been a standout for the fall/winter 2020 fashion month) and slicked it back, but left a decent amount of volume at the crown. The back of the hair was left long and straight, so it bounced ever so slightly as the models walked. (At first glance, the look was a nod to the ever-present wet-hair style that's been seen on the runways and red carpets this past year.)

With the bright colors in the collection, the lipstick truly popped, giving the the runway a kind of unexpected but welcomed color-blocked coordination. It was just enough of a peek of the lipstick to excite the masses for the upcoming launch. Just one more day, and the look can be yours. Patience is truly a virtue.

Peter White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Peter White/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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