You’re Going To Want Every Luxe-Looking Piece From This New Classic Home Collection


It's pretty widely agreed upon that one of the best parts about traveling is the moment you melt into that gloriously comfortable hotel bed. After a long day of travel, work, or play, nothing beats cozying up in a nice hotel room for a relaxing evening. Now, you can recreate the vibe every day, thanks to H&M's new home collection.

Freshly cleaned sheets, silky pillows, a luxurious bathrobe – just a few of the hallmark features of your favorite fancy hotel. It's those touches that elevate the experience to the next level, making it more than just a place to lay your head at night. If someone told you that you could achieve the same look and feel in your own home, you'd likely jump at the opportunity, right? The Classic Collection by H&M Home has all the gorgeously refined pieces you'd expect to find in the suite of a five-star hotel, at ridiculously low prices to boot.

Start by refining your bed with the collection's crisp Cotton Percale Duvet Cover, $59.99. The white premium-cotton cover has a contrasting black double stripe framing the edges, reminiscent of what you'd see in a high-end hotel. Add super luxe-looking Cotton Satin Pillowcases, $24.99, in the same white and black color palette.

Mimic a cushy hotel room by piling decorative pillows atop your bed and on any chairs, like the chic striped $17.99 Jacquard-weave Cushion Cover that comes in ivory, navy, and burgundy variations. Drape the collection's soft Cashmere-blend Throw, $129, across the bottom of your bed for a final lush element. You'll be glad to have it when cozying up on chillier nights.


Keep the plush finishings coming in your bathroom with organic cotton hand and bath towels, and a bathmat in coordinating neutral colors. Hang a sumptuous Jacquard-Weave Bathrobe from a hook to slip into after showers. The $59.99 robe looks way more expensive than it is thanks to the jacquard pattern and satin trimmings.

Beyond luxe linens and elegant throw pillows, the collection offers even more swanky decorative elements that raise the bar on home décor to high-class hotel standards. Shop several of the fancy yet affordable finishings below, and click over to H&M for even more.