The Buzzy Fitness Trend Halston Sage Swears By While Social Distancing

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Any little pick-me-up one can indulge in is greatly appreciated these days. For actor Halston Sage, her at-home workouts (which could be more of a chore for some) have become a source of joy during this time of self-isolation. “I’m starting to explore the online workouts popping up,” says 26-year-old Sage, who currently stars in the Fox crime drama Prodigal Son, in a phone interview with The Zoe Report. “My mom, sister, and I like to do these 10-minute dance parties over FaceTime, and that’s actually proved to be very helpful in dealing with stress and worry. So, I found a workout version of dancing called DanceBody on Instagram that’s so much fun.”

Sage explains she’s tried many of the wide range of live workouts available on Instagram at the moment (with many studios closed and going digital) and other social media platforms, but this one is definitely one she wants to follow for the long haul. For context, the DanceBody program “combines dance-inspired cardio and toning set to motivating music,” according to the brand's website. Classes are led by “dancer-turned-instructors” and “every move is delivered with tough love because we know what you’re capable of.” Apparently, this technique is resonating with the public — just ask Sage (who insists she has no connection with the studio other than her new fandom). “It’s the [workout] I’m telling my friends about,” explains the Paper Towns star. “It feels like I can accomplish a level of it on my own without having someone correct me.”

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In addition to physical fitness, another void it seems everyone is seeking to fill at the moment is human interaction, with virtual happy hours, Zoom dates, and the like becoming daily rituals. And while, yes, regular chats and check-ins with family are important, there's one non-human presence Sage prioritizes time for. "I've found FaceTiming with my dog has been helpful right now," says Sage, of her two-year-old pup Louise, who is currently staying with her family. "Also, laughing, which feels like the hardest thing to do right now. But, finding little moments to laugh, whether it be a funny movie or laughing at a funny TikTok. I think a lot of people have discovered TikTok in the last few weeks — I know our family group chat certainly has."

In addition to a good dance session, Sage says her self-care routine of late consists of picking up some new hobbies and habits. "I've been taking a Spanish class and a fiction-writing class, which has been really fun," says Sage. "I find that writing has been a really great distraction and way to talk about how I'm feeling and how the world is feeling. [...] It's a fun skill to have. I have so many notes on my phone of fun little ideas, storylines, and characters that just pop into my mind. It'd be nice to flesh some of those out."

And with time being on her (and everyone's) side, the actor is finding joy in little challenges — like brushing up on her music skills. "I bought a guitar," she says with a laugh. "I actually took guitar when I was in middle school, but I think it'd be fun to teach myself a song by the of the month. It'd be a fun goal. "