Naturally, Grace Fraser From 'The Undoing' *Would* Love This Cartier Perfume

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Grace Fraser's Perfume In 'The Undoing'.
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To be honest, you don't even need to have watched HBO's latest smash hit, The Undoing, to have formed a fixation on Nicole Kidman's styling in it. Her long red hair and longer burgundy coat are going to inspire a thousand 3.1 Phillip Lim purchases and salon appointments, if they haven't already. Though, for the true fan, there was a detail in her character's life you might've missed if you blinked: the perfume Grace Fraser owned in The Undoing, displayed on her vanity amongst picture frames and beauty products.

Unsurprising for anyone who's seen the show, but the Manhattanite has impeccable taste, with Cartier's Carat Eau de Parfum serving as a fragrance of choice. Ranging from $70 to $135 depending on the size you spring for, Carat is as multifaceted as the The Undoing's plot — literally speaking, since the riveted bottle resembles a cut diamond. (You can spot said bottle in this meme that The Undoing's official Instagram account posted, if you missed it the first time.)

So, what does Grace Fraser smell like? Carat is designed to imitate an actual bouquet of flowers. It ranges across the colors of the rainbow, using violet, iris, hyacinth, ylang-ylang, daffodil, honeysuckle, and tulip. "It occurred to me to apply to the fragrance the principle of diffraction: the dispersed light that appears as colorful flashes of the rainbow in a diamond," explained a quote from Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent in a press release for the fragrance. "And so, I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers that come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of a diamond."

Courtesy of Cartier & HBO

Cartier's actual jewelry got attention in the series, as well. Grace wore a Cactus de Cartier wedding band and a Cartier Love ring in the series. An interesting combination rife with symbolism from the very first episode, though you should watch it for yourself if you haven't yet — or just haven't caught up with the ending. It's a pricey combination, too: the wedding band ranges from $3,650 to $3,900, while the popular yellow gold version of the Love ring sits at $1,720.

But hey, the holidays are almost here. Shop the Carat Eau de Parfum on the brand's website, below.

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