The Simple, Easy-To-DIY Hair Style Celebs Are Wearing Right Now

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

If you're looking to level up from your 2020 topknot, you may want to consider braids. From Lady Gaga's twisted crown at the inauguration earlier this week, to Chrissy Teigen's braided ponytail-ribbon combo, to Gigi Hadid's casual and chic pigtail braids, celebrity braided hairstyles are serving up tons of inspiration of late.

It's the perfect way to mix up your look because some braids are fairly easy (and quick) to DIY (cue Gigi's), and if you have time for something more complicated, you can try your hand at a braided crown à la Gaga. "Gaga’s inauguration braided style was a peak elevated braid. Using fabric, ribbon, scarf, or string as a substitute for a strand in a braid creates a really beautiful look," celebrity stylist and founder of Trademark Beauty, Joseph Maine tells TZR in an email. "You can use that method to create a crown the way she did or wrap it in to more of a chignon or even leave it down for a boho style," he says, offering up variations on the look.

As for Gigi's look: "Pigtail styles are making a comeback," Maine says, "split your hair into two and do literally anything to it and you’re on trend," noting that "anything from space buns, low pigtails, braided or twisted pigtails," works well. "Gigi looks great in these pigtail braids and it's largely because she kept them loose and tousled," Maine says, adding the kind of tip you love to hear: "the trick to achieving this look is, do less!" he says. "Don’t braid through the top of your hair just split into two and start braiding from the neck down. Long-haired girls really can’t go wrong with this style."


Finally, to get braids like Chrissy's the secret, Maine notes, is that they're Dutch braids — not French braids. "A Dutch braid sits on top of the hair, and after it's completed use your index finger and thumb to pull slightly on the outsides of the braids as you make your way down the length for added fullness. This works on all hair textures and densities," Maine advises. And if you want an extra piece of flair, simply add a ribbon.