This Insta-Famous Body Brand Just Dropped Chic Shaving Cream — Yes, Really

Courtesy of Fur
Fur's new Shave Cream and candle.

Let's be real: Do you think about shaving cream? Like, actually think about it — outside of your shower? Of all the bath and body-care products that've become Instagram fodder, shaving cream hasn't had its time to shine (and even razors have experienced their moment in the spotlight). However, Fur's new Shave Cream might change that, and make you wonder why you weren't paying more attention to the product category in the first place.

Unveiled late this February, the Shave Cream looks like any other on-trend skincare product you might spot on a beauty store's shelf — because, really, that's what it is. "Unlike other creams, we don't rely on empty foam that slides right off," Fur wrote in an Instagram post debuting the Shave Cream. "Our no-foam cream is deeply moisturizing, with a satin soft finish and a whipped, featherlight texture. It stays put on skin, creating a protective barrier for maximum glide and zero razor burn."

It's a hefty promise backed up by Fur's now-famous skincare knowhow; remember, this is the brand behind the surprisingly luxe (and ingrown-preventing) Fur Oil. The $28 Shave Cream is packed with antimicrobial marshmallow root extract, plus shea butter, olive oil, and hemp seed oil. These ingredients help give the cream its, well, creamy texture, so your razor will glide smoothly over your skin.


And while these extra ingredients might be able to give your all-over skincare routine a boost, the Shave Cream still exists firmly in the body-care category, its main goal being to help you whisk hair off your body wherever and whenever. Fur opted for coconut-derived cleansers, and made the vegan formula free of parabens, silicones, phthalates, and artificial fragrance (though according to Fur's IG, it does have "a lemony soufflé scent"). More importantly, the new Shave Cream was dermatologically and gynecologically tested.

So, the next time you scroll through your feed, don't be surprised if you see Fur's dark, aesthetically pleasing Shave Cream on the rim of a bubble bath, tucked in between a few candles. Below, the brand-new shaving cream, now available on FurYou.com and online at Ulta.