How To Benefit From This Miracle Oil If You Hate Wearing Face Oils

by Stephanie Montes
Ivan Lattuada

We get it: Oils can be intimidating, and for a lot of people nothing sounds less appealing than slathering your face with a greasy substance. Thankfully, there are other ways to reap the benefits of oil, namely by using beauty products that contain the wonder ingredient. The latest It oil is derived from grape seeds and is packed with antioxidants, minimizes environmental damage caused by free radicals and helps restore collagen for a younger-looking complexion. The best part is it’s super-light, so it doesn’t feel gross on your skin or in your makeup. Below, we show you a range of products that include grape seed oil but have a number of different uses. From an eye cream to a lipstick, these go out to our ladies who hate looking shiny—but love a good glow.


Oil—Without That Greasy Feeling

Gentle Face Scrub

Eye Makeup Remover

Cleansing Oil

Toning Pads

Eye Cream



Face Mask

Lip Treatment

Tinted Moisturizer