Fresh’s Newest Lip Treatment Wants To Be Your Breath Freshener, Too


No gum? No problem. A cutting-edge new lip treatment from one of the beauty world's cult-fave brands is about to change the way you think about freshening up your pout — and your breath, too. The just-dropped Fresh Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment is all you'll need to stash in your purse for fresh breath and hydrated lips that last all day. So go ahead and buy into that mini-purse trend, because your list of must-have essentials just got smaller.

Much-loved beauty brand Fresh released the latest addition to its hugely popular lip care range on Feb. 12 — and this new lip treatment packs an unexpected (and seriously cool) twist that's bound to make it an instant standout. The newly launched Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment, $24 and now available on Fresh's website, not only keeps lips hydrated for the rest of the day, it's actually formulated to freshen breath with a burst of icy mint that's both instant and long-lasting.

How exactly does a lip balm intend to replace your go-to pack of peppermint gum? For starters, Fresh's new drop promises to continually freshen your breath throughout the day — something a standard breath mint or stick of gum can't exactly say for themselves.

The lip treatment manages this seemingly unthinkable feat by utilizing time-release technology in its unique formula. Each time you press your lips together, a controlled burst of fresh minty flavor is released, while a menthol compound also slowly breaks down throughout the day for a continuous minty feeling. The result is lots of freshness, no gum required.

And just like the rest of Fresh's Sugar lip care line, this soothing lip treatment provides tons of pout-softening goodness via nourishing oils like grapeseed oil, black currant seed oil, and avocado oil. And, as the name suggests, Fresh's balm relies on the moisture-locking powers of sugar, plus the skin-protecting super-vitamins C and E, to naturally keep lips soft, hydrated, and soothed all day.

Between the long-lasting bursts of mint, and long-day enduring moisturizers, you're looking at what could very well be your new holy-grail lip product. Stash it in your work bag to use before important meetings, throw it in your purse to freshen your pout post-coffee date, or keep it at your desk to provide a burst of minty freshness ahead of happy hour drinks.

Shop Fresh's latest super-fresh launch below, or head to the brand's site to snag it and stock up on more of its cult-loved skin care.