This Instagram-Favorite Razor Brand Just Launched An Ingrown Treatment

Flamingo just launched a new Ingrown Spot Treatment that works within 24 hours

Not even the fortunate few who've been blessed with angelic complexions and bulletproof skin can be spared from those pesky ingrown hairs that tend to crop up around brows and bikini lines every once in a while. Just because it's an entirely natural phenomenon that plagues just about everybody doesn't mean these unruly red bumps are any less embarrassing. Thankfully, Flamingo just launched a new Ingrown Spot Treatment that's as speedy as it is cheap.

Flamingo is best known for its range of razors, at-home wax strips, and fellow body hair removal supplies, but now the brand is addressing the inevitable consequence of removing hair in the first place.

"As a body care brand, it's important for us to acknowledge that ingrowns, bumps, and irritation are a reality for many people," general manager Allie Melnick told The Zoe Report in an email. Melnick, herself, even says she's suffered from ingrown hairs her whole life, which is why she was so eager to develop a product that actually works.

The Ingrown Spot Treatment — just launched on Thurs. — is an alcohol-free gel-cream that exfoliates without drying out skin. It contains white willow bark, a natural source of the popular acne treatment salicylic acid, as well as lactic acid, fruit acids, and Bisabolol, a chemical compound that reduces redness and soothes.

Treating ingrown hairs can be a tricky thing because, you see, they do not like to be touched. The nifty target applicator on Flamingo's new Ingrown Spot Treatment makes it easy to apply the product without having to rub it into the sore, which is likely to aggravate it even more. Just use the formula twice daily, letting it dry for at least 30 seconds, and your ingrowns should be looking better within 24 hours, according to the brand.

You won't have to worry about walking around with a big, red bump in between your brows and you also won't have to worry about draining your bank account to treat it, seeing as the Spot Treatment costs only $10.

The product has been tested by dermatologists and gynecologists, so go ahead and use it (externally, of course) wherever you'd like.