Instagram-Favorite Beauty Brand Flamingo Just Launched 3 New Body Moisturizers

Deep Nourishing Cream from Flamingo's new Body Moisture Trio.

Flamingo might be best known for razors and wax strips, but its body lotion is a hidden gem. Fragranced with Asian pear, bergamot, jasmine, and lavender, the deeply hydrating, quick-to-dry formula makes skin feel luxuriously smooth at under $10 a pop. This is why it isn't a surprise that the original Body Lotion — now dubbed the Daily Moisturizing Lotion — serves as one of the building blocks of Flamingo's new Body Moisture Trio. Released Oct. 6, the freshly expanded body moisturizer line features two new ways to hydrate your skin all over, plus new packaging for the much-loved original lotion.

The new price point is just as sweet, too. The Daily Moisturizing Lotion now retails at just $8 per 10-ounce container, featuring the same exact formula that made Flamingo's Body Lotion such a hit — just now in a squeeze tube versus the old pump. Squalane, white willow bark, and papaya extract all work together to deliver a noticeable body glow.

You can find all three ingredients in Flamingo's Deep Nourishing Cream, as well, the densest formula of the new trio. The $10 body cream uses shea butter as a base, layering in the skin-enhancing ingredients on top of the natural moisturizer. And the Daily Moisturizing Lotion scent, which basically could be bottled up as its own perfume? Flamingo added it in the new Deep Nourishing Cream and the Light Hydrating Spray, the final member of the Body Moisture Trio.

Courtesy of Flamingo

Or, consider it your new go-to if you want light hydration, stat. The $10 Light Hydrating Spray is packaged in a unique spray bottle, so you can spritz it on wherever you'd like, including hard-to-reach places impossible to hydrate with regular lotions and cream. Even more intriguing, Flamingo notes on its website that you don't need to rub the hydrator in once it's applied, either — making this one of the easiest-to-use "lotions" yet, by far.

The best part, though? These cruelty-free products are all currently available at Target, as well as online at Flamingo's website. Shop the newly expanded Flamingo body-care line, ahead.

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