I've Been Doing My Own Brows For Years & This Is The Wax Kit I Swear By

Flamingo Face Wax Kit review.

Way, way back in 2018 — basically an eon ago, in quarantine time — the hair-removal brand Flamingo sent me a handful of its products shortly after it launched. Looking back, I can track how each one slowly infiltrated my own body-care routine: I used up the entire bottle of body lotion and swapped out my single-use razor for Flamingo's straight away (the brand offers four-cartridge packs for only $8.99). The most important new addition, though, proved to be its wax strips. My review of Flamingo's Face Wax Kit never altered since the first time I tried it out — it's the best one I've ever been lucky enough to use on my face.

And I've sampled my way through quite a few. Since first realizing back in college that with great brows comes great responsibility, I've tried my hand at tweezing, snipping, and microwaving (jars of wax, that is). While most shoppers would've left their brows in the capable hands of professionals, I took it upon myself to master the stubborn, quick-growing patches of hair that once dominated a fair share of my forehead.

I say once, because Flamingo's $9.99 Face Wax Kit gives you everything you need in order to groom, well, anywhere on your face. This brings up the first important note to keep in mind with Flamingo's face kit — it includes no-heat wax strips. So, unlike those specifically made for waxing brows, they're rectangles you'll have to snip into complementary "brow" shapes if you want to achieve sharper angles.


Still, the actual waxing process is a cinch. The Flamingo strips can be used two to four times in a row, something that sets the brand apart in my book; I usually only need to go over an area twice, if that. Naturally, this isn't painless — but since the Flamingo wax strips are so grippy, and therefore pull out more hairs with each pull than other brands I've used, the overall waxing time gets cut back. Less time spent waxing means less time squinting through pain.

Post-Flamingo Face Wax Kit. / Madge Maril

Each Flamingo Face Wax Kit includes six post-wax, residue-removing cloths and one bottle of roll-on Calming Serum, on top of the 10 double-sided wax strips. My only complaint is that I wish there were more of the cloths; the cloth-and-serum combination cleans up and calms down your skin in moments. (Flamingo's website does point out that you can use coconut oil and a cotton swab if the post-wax cloths don't agree with your skin, too.)

And while you can order Flamingo's products on shopflamingo.com, the brand is available at Target, as well — or, just pick up the Face Wax Kit by scrolling down.

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