Finally, Reusable Straws That Are Actually Easy To Take On The Go


If you've tried any of the alternatives to plastic drinking straws that are out there, you'll wonder why Five Two's new silicone straws didn't arrive sooner. They're as close to traditional straws as it gets — they're bendy, temperature-safe, and relatively cost efficient. (One 10-pack and all its accessories retails for $25.) But, of course, they majorly improve on the classic plastic straw's design, too; namely they aren't made of single-use plastic, and won't be one of the 7.5 million straws littering American shorelines. Which is a big, big plus.

But besides the important material change, Five Two went ahead and solved any issues you may have encountered with reusable — and silicone — straws, too. First things first: They're dishwasher safe. But, if you're on the go with them, you won't be totally stranded once you fly through all 10 — each set includes four squeegees to quickly and efficiently scrub down the straw's interior surface after you use it. You won't have to toss the straws and squeegees into the depths of your purse, either; the Five Two set also includes four keyring-friendly traveling cases. Because let's be real — you do most of your straw-sipping outside of your house, anyway.

And no, the silicone won't absorb any tastes or smells over time. Five Two went with high-quality, BPA and BPS-free silicone that's heat-resistant up to 550 degrees. (So using one to sip on your latte hopefully shouldn't be a problem.)


The silicone straws are just one addition to Food52's new Five Two line, which caters both to the brand's lively community of foodies and anyone looking to buy the genius ideas they all dream up — like the Five Two Wooden Spoons, Essential Kitchen Towels, and the cult-classic Double-Sided Cutting Board. In a quote on the brand's website, Food52's co-founders Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs called the community "a big food family," adding "there's just too much goodness not to make something out of it."

Because when you gather together some of the internet's brightest foodies, industry professionals, and home chefs, you get really great ideas. Ahead, the new Five Two Silicone Straws.