Here’s How Farmacy’s New Serum Works To Brighten & Hydrate Dull Skin


Anyone who has ever dealt with dull skin knows it can take some serious effort to get the glow back. Reawakening your skin's natural radiance, however, shouldn't require overly strong ingredients or sensitivity-inducing chemicals. Luckily, today's bounty of clean beauty brands means you can rely on naturally-derived products in place of that kind of overkill — and the Farmacy Very Cherry Bright Serum is the newest addition to your effective-yet-gentle glow-getting arsenal. Here's how to get skin that's healthy, cheery, and bright.

Based on its name alone, you can probably guess that Farmacy has an affinity for all things farm-to-face. Utilizing the power of nature's own byproducts, the brand produces clean-beauty alternatives that provide the same potency as its competitors — without the icky ingredients that can cause irritation for more sensitive skin. And the brand's latest addition is naturally no exception.

Farmacy's new Very Cherry Bright Serum, $62, is a next-gen skin brightener that packs a super powerful punch of pure vitamin C, all thanks to one very juicy and tart summer stone fruit. Acerola cherries sourced from Brazil are the superhero ingredient in this brightening serum, thanks to their naturally high levels of radiance-renewing vitamin C. In fact, they're so rich in the vitamin that each bottle of Farmacy's serum boasts a full 15 percent once it's combined with three other stable forms of the skin brightening ingredient. Say goodbye to dullness, dark spots and fine lines.

Then, four forms of hyaluronic acid are added to the mix to ensure your healthiest glow ever. Each type of the moisture-retaining additive targets different areas of your skin, balancing the hydration levels from the surface to the deepest layers of the dermis for a natural, dewy look that lasts all day. Plus, calming peptides like Sacha Inchi and botanicals including rosemary, jojoba oil, sunflower, and sweet almond extract ensure skin stays comfortable as the vitamin C goes to work to get your glow back.

Apply to freshly cleansed skin morning and night for instant hydration and glow, and an increasingly firm, radiant appearance over time. According to early reviews it sinks in quickly and smells sweetly of yummy cherries. Oh, and a very happy bonus to further encourage you to try? For every Very Cherry Bright serum purchased, a dollar will go to the Fundação Lar Feliz (Happy Home Foundation) that supports children in need in Northeast Brazil. A brighter future for everyone is a very good thing indeed.

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