This Motion-Activated Skincare Product Works Better The More You Sweat

Courtesy of FaceGym

What if working up a sweat helped your skincare products instead of ruining them? That's the concept behind the FaceGym Training Sticks, four all-new, multipurpose skincare products from the revolutionary skincare-meets-fitness brand, FaceGym. And since that's a bit of a mouthful, enter the term ath-beauty — a portmanteau of athleisure and beauty that's become a lifestyle for its followers.

OK, there's a lot to unpack here if you're completely new to FaceGym as a concept. With locations in NYC and the UK, FaceGym is exactly what it sounds like: It's a gym for your face. The "workouts" include non-invasive techniques that target 40 muscles in the face, stimulating glow-enhancing blood flow and collagen production. Besides the in-studio sessions, FaceGym also offers a variety of skincare products ranging from the familiar (like the $65 Signature Training Serum) to the never-before-seen (like the $22 Face Ball, a yoga ball for your face).

Got all that? Good — the Training Sticks will make way more sense now. Retailing at $49 per stick, the workout-activated skincare product comes in one of four varieties: brightening Brazilian pink clay, detoxifying charcoal, hydrating multi-vitamin, and elasticity-boosting spirulina. No matter which one you choose, each stick is formulated with MyoSKNFIT, an ingredient that's activated by heat and moisture — aka two things your face produces while you're sweating during your morning jog.

Courtesy of FaceGym

"Ath-beauty has already shaken the beauty world in a superficial sense, but the sector is yet to see skincare that is physically triggered by exercise," reads a quote by FaceGym's founder Inge Theron in a press email. "As a mother of two under five, I have a small window of time to dedicate to myself. I didn’t want to sacrifice a facial for a workout or vice versa so I created something which targeted both at once."

It was a long time coming, too. "We’ve been working on our MyoSKNFIT formulation for over three years," Theron added. "And although FaceGym has always championed the ath-beauty category we’re so excited to disrupt the industry by introducing a new category in skincare with our next generation Training Sticks."

Courtesy of FaceGym

And the more you sweat, the better the Training Sticks perform. Even after you cleanse your face post-workout, the Training Stick will keep up its pace; the formulas' skin-loving ingredients continue to revitalize your face up to 6 hours after they're first used.

Ready to get in on the ath-beauty movement? Shop all four FaceGym Training Sticks below.