EM Cosmetics' New Brow Gel Is Actually Universal (& So Easy To Use)

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Courtesy of EM Cosmetics
EM Cosmetics' new Flexibrow gel in tube.
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Choosing a brow gel is a personal endeavor. Unlike a pomade or brow pencil, the hair-shaping gel already caters to beauty fans with naturally thicker brows — since the gel needs something to cling to in order to work. This is where things get tricky, though. Fuller brows often come with unique quirks, whether it be shape, shade, or how stubborn they truly are. Which is why EM Cosmetics' new Flexibrow gel comes in one universal, clear formula, that was created to groom the unruliest brows into place.

And yes, that does mean that the April 13 launch will layer happily on top of a brow cream or pencil, too. EM Cosmetics' $20 Flexibrow uses a gel-based formula; so, once it sets your brow hairs, they won't feel stiff or still damp from product. The brow gel toes the line between soft definition and strong hold — swiping on the gel emulates the feathery, pushed-up "soap eyebrow" look, but locks each hair in place as it sets.

Nevertheless, EM Cosmetics threw in a dose of vitamin B5 (aka panthenol), as a way to help condition the fragile brow hairs while the gel works its magic. The ingredient can work wonders for skin, too; since, as you're well aware, anything you put on your brows is only a hair away from your skin.

Courtesy of EM Cosmetics

Ever use a brow gel that smudges faster than it swipes? Clock the Flexibrow gel's tiny, tapered brush. Although it may take longer to apply than a wider brush, the smaller size allows you to evenly coat your brow hairs — after all, precision is key here. (The meticulous brush also lets shoppers groom baby hairs, facial hair, and the occasional flyaway.)

In tandem with the launch, EM Cosmetics has pledged to donate 15 percent of profits from brow collection sales on EMCosmetics.com — which includes the Flexibrow gel — to Feeding America's COVID-19 relief initiative. This donation event kicks off on April 13 and ends on April 23.

Below, the brand-new EM Cosmetics Flexibrow gel, available on the beauty brand's website.

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