The Cult-Favorite Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Collection Just Expanded Into Body

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+
Dr. Jart+'s new body lotion is full of five types of ceramides.

Though the pleasures of fall are impossible to deny, it does also come with its fair share of dry skin — on both your face and body. And with this year's intense hand-washing and sanitizing protocols, hydration during this season is arguably more important than ever. Which is where Dr. Jart+'s new Ceramidin Body Lotion — the fourth product and first body-focused formula to join the fan-favorite Ceramidin line — comes in handy.

There's a whole host of moisturizing ingredients out there, but like the rest of the Ceramidin collection, this freshly launched lotion strongly relies on ceramides to bring in hydration. "There are nine different ceramides that naturally make up the skin barrier. Our proprietary 5-Cera Complex ingredient is made of five of these ceramides: Ceramide EOP, NS, NP, AS, and AP," says Dr. Jart+ Marketing Associate Kaitlyn Duffy in an email to The Zoe Report.

And yes, each one is important in its own way. "These five ceramides were selected as each one plays a significant role in helping restore and protect the skin barrier for smooth, moisturized, more supple skin." According to Duffy, EOP keeps irritants out; NS holds moisture in; NP rebuilds the skin barrier; AS strengthens the barrier; and AP watches over the moisture and keeps it coming into your skin.

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+

Although these ceramides naturally occur in the body, similar to things like collagen and squalene, their production slows as you age. Having it in a lotion preserves and maintains that protective barrier they build. "This is how it differs from other moisture-boosting ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid. They help to pull water from the atmosphere to the skin, whereas the function of ceramides is to strengthen the skin’s barrier to retain more moisture within the skin."

The lotion also utilizes a fancy bit of science called Line Scatter Technology, which Duffy says is a three-step circulation system that increases fine particles' ceramide content to boost how well you absorb the lotion.

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+

This helps lead you to the soft, moisturized skin you're aiming for. "It is important to increase the amount of ceramides in your skin because the more ceramides you have, the stronger the barrier is. The stronger the barrier is, the more moisture is retained within the skin. And the more moisture that is retained, the less itchy, irritated, dry, and dull your skin feels and looks!" she says.

Other than the ceramide complex, what sets it apart from other lotions is its consistency. Duffy says that although there are other formulas with vitamins and ceramides, the Ceramidin Body Lotion doesn't feel tacky or thick, so you'll actually feel comfortable throwing on a sweater right after you apply it.

You can purchase the new lotion for $25 on Dr. Jart+'s site now or grab it at Sephora starting Sept. 1.