This Cult-Favorite Beauty Brand Just Launched An Entirely New Line For Breakout-Prone Skin

Dr. Barbara Sturm

As with many things, skincare is not a one size fits all category. It can take time to curate a collection of products that addresses all your complexion's needs. Add occasional, often unexplainable breakouts to the mix, and it's even harder to determine the exact regime that'll help your skin maintain balance — especially when so many acne treatments tend to be total overkill. So if you've been on the hunt for an effective blemish busting routine that doesn't throw your skin off its game, you'll want to try Dr. Barbara Sturm's Clarifying Line, STAT.

If you ever came across a skincare line so effective that countless A-list celebrities swear by it, you'd be pretty tempted to give it a try, right? That's certainly the case for Dr. Barbara Sturm, the ever-growing eponymous line that has helped the German dermatologist earn a cult-status following for creating glowing, age-defying complexions. And you can definitely expect her products' popularity to continue to rise thanks to the release of her latest launch, the acne-healing Clarifying Line.

Formulated specifically with acne-prone skin in mind, this new four-product collection provides a comprehensive approach for treating breakouts and blemishes — without throwing your whole complexion out of whack.

The new drop introduces the Clarifying Face Mask, Clarifying Serum, Clarifying Face Cream, and Clarifying Spot Treatment, all of which focus on calming and balancing the skin for a more even, healthy appearance (no excessive drying or peeling in sight). All four products also include the brand's effective anti-aging ingredients, like Purslane and hyaluronic acid, so you can expect a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles with continued use.

Like the rest of Dr. Barbara Sturm's clean, non-toxic offerings, the latest releases lean on powerful natural ingredients to perfect your skin. The Clarifying Face Mask, $145, and the Clarifying Face Cream, $215, both rely on Balloon Vine Extract, Bistorta Root Extract, and Sunflower Seed Oil to strengthen and repair your skin's natural moisture barrier so it doesn't need to produce so much oil, while Zinc absorbs excess sebum for a refreshed, matte complexion.

The potent Clarifying Serum, $250, combines soothing ingredients like Albatrellus Ovinus Extract (which dramatically reduces redness) with antioxidants that protect skin from further damage. A big dose of hyaluronic acid rounds out the treatment to plump and hydrate skin. And for on-the-spot action wherever you are, use the Clarifying Spot Treatment, $54, to diminish the look of breakouts with Tea Tree oil and Zinc. It's currently available in three tinted formulas, with a transparent version and additional shades on the way.

The line is engineered to be used as a four-step treatment to tackle breakouts and the blotchy, unbalanced, irritated skin that comes with them, but you can also work one or two of the new launches into your existing routine to best suit your specific needs.

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