Why You Should Be Using Crystal-Infused Beauty Products

By now you’ve probably heard friends, and even strangers, touting the benefits of crystals. As a result of their apparent healing properties, many brands and beauty experts are including these gems in their products and treatments—but to what end, specifically? We met with metaphysical, crystal and gemstone expert Heidi Harralson at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, for a crystal-energy therapy session to find out more. During the unique experience, we learned how specific stones can promote beauty from the inside out. Here, we’ve compiled a collection of various gem-infused products that claim to harness different energies in order to help you “crystal” your way to a better you. (It’s worth a shot, right?) With the new year in full effect, if you’re looking for clarity, energy stimulation or simply to expand your existing vanity, consider trying some of these for a fresh take on beauty.


True Gems

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is essential for nurturing, healing and lowering stress levels.

Beauty tip: Use rose quartz on areas of the skin that are showing signs of premature aging. The minerals help prevent wrinkles and help promote soft, supple skin.


Sapphire helps promote clarity and relaxes the body.

Beauty tip: Apply a sapphire-infused concentrate to calm and nourish the skin. Sapphire also increases elasticity and plumps the skin.


Ruby boosts stamina and provides new energy to help you overcome any existing exhaustion.

Beauty tip: Use an exfoliant formulated with ruby crystals to rid your skin of any dead cells. You'll be left with brighter, youthful-looking skin.


Malachite is a copper-rich stone that is very grounding and encourages change. It also encourages strength and emotional healing, which could allow us to understand ourselves a lot better.

Beauty tip: Use malachite to balance and calm the skin as well as even out your complexion.


Garnet consists of several different healing energies. It can help prevent insecurities, lift up your attitude and strengthen instincts.

Beauty tip: Garnet is a fine exfoliant that stimulates cell renewal and leaves the skin ultra-soft and smooth.

Volcanic Stone

Because it comes directly from the ground, lava stone is considered grounding and can help you shed unwanted layers of emotion. It can also promote stability when you're going through sudden changes in your life.

Beauty tip: Gently remove and soften dry skin with grains of volcanic stone.


Amethyst is essential for cleansing and purifying from the inside out. It can help ward off negativity, heal in times of grief and even work as a sleep aid.

Beauty tip: Heal and clarify problem skin with amethyst powder.


Tourmaline can help ease tension emotionally and even throughout the body. It also makes room for one to be more compassionate and feel more inspired by the surrounding environment.

Beauty tip: Tourmaline can give skin an instant glow with its brightening and exfoliating properties.


Quartz can assist in maintaining balance, focus and clarity—all while promoting overall well-being. It can also be used to amplify the energies found in other stones.

Beauty tip: Pure quartz is powerful enough to prevent signs of premature aging all over the body.


Diamond brings out a physical radiance and more loving, tender energies. It can help fill a sense of emptiness and balance your inner spirit.

Beauty tip: Diffuse the appearance of fine lines and much deeper wrinkles with diamond dust.