All About Dieux Skin, The Chic & Sustainable Brand That's Dominating Instagram

Courtesy of Dieux
Dieux recently released a line of reusable eye masks and silky hair scrunchies.

One of the difficulties of being a conscious consumer is the superfluous packaging and the single-use products that come with it. Oftentimes, it feels like a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils — you may have said goodbye to one-time makeup removing wipes, but still can't give up those temporary sheet masks. Fortunately, wastefulness is being written out of the beauty gospel courtesy of new skincare brand Dieux, which has descended from the cosmetic heavens to push your routine more towards sustainability,

The first two products from the brand, co-founded by Charlotte Palermino of Nice Paper, Marta Freedman, and Joyce de Lemos, are a pair of reusable silicone eye masks and recycled silk scrunchies, each for $25 — the exact formula needed for a perfect minimalist self-care night. Both of these play into Dieux's goal of opening up to customers about the background and origin of their products and prices and pulling away from the convenience of single-use.

"We wanted to reinvent rituals and bring true transparency to the industry. Having worked on a consulting project for sheet masks, we realized the ingredients were pretty basic, usually of worse caliber than what’s sitting on your beauty counter, and the mechanism for which they worked was the occlusive layer on top," Dieux tells TZR via email.

Courtesy of Dieux

The brand realized that all the additional packaging surrounding your classic face masks was unnecessary and instead kept the all-important occlusive layer and simplified everything else without losing that selfie-inducing appeal, selecting medical grade silicone to do the heavy lifting.

"This kind of silicone won’t shed or degrade and is meant to be a one-and-done purchase (i.e. you buy this mask one time and that’s it), says Dieux, continuing on to say that many brands don't change the actual ritual associated with products when they decide to zero in on sustainability. "Changing our mindsets and how we do things, in my opinion, is one of the many ways we will impact sustainability."

Courtesy of Dieux

Aside from the material, the eye masks are also unique in that they don't come with product built in. Rather than assuming a one-size-fits-all mindset about each person's under-eye needs, you can choose the serum, gel, or cream that suits your complexion best to coat your masks.

Palermino personally likes to use them while applying her eye makeup — the only part of her day when she can truly slow down. "I’ll put on an eye gel, and slap the mask on top. I keep in the freezer for an extra cooling effect," she says. "Then I do my skincare routine, and while that’s setting, I do my eye makeup. The eye mask not only lets my eye gel sink in, but catches the fallout of my eyeshadow."

Both the eye masks and scrunchies are currently sold out, but sign up for emails on Dieux's website to be the first to know when you can place an order.