Helmstedt's New Collab Makes It *So* Easy To Nail Scandinavian Style

by Danielle Naer
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Courtesy of Helmstedt
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After making waves as one of the splashiest collection's of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish fashion brand Helmstedt's colorful collaboration with Skagen is (finally) available to shop. The series of fun-loving, whimsical watches debuted on the Spring/Summer 2020 runway, last August — and have been hotly anticipated ever since. Joining forces with watch company Skagen the two locally founded, globally beloved brands created a series of timepieces that seek to exemplify the youthful and effortlessly cool style of Scandinavian It girls.

The limited-edition timepieces incorporate the signature sleekness that Skagen watches are known for, while also drawing motifs from Helmstedt's sunshine-soaked 'Breeze' collection. Each style is designed with a 36mm case body and comfortable silicone straps. While the resplendent colors and playful designs across the three different textile stories (bees, strawberries, and stripes) epitomize all that you've come to knows and love about "Scandi style".

In step with the "Honey" prints displayed in the bee portion of the collection, Helmstedt and Skagen built two models — one features a singular bee on its face, with a marigold band and hardware, the other one step bolder, dressed from end to end in a swarm of bees and polished off with pearly white hardware.

Courtesy of Helmstedt x Skagen
Courtesy of Helmstedt x Skagen

Their "Berryfield" garment series was matched by a strawberry-doused band and face (with a friendly neighborhood bumblebee that seems to have cheekily crawled over from another design). Lastly, Helmstedt's his/hers stripe-centric prints, which come in Victor and Victoria models, introduce a Pantone-friendly classic blue Blue make with a striped face and a marigold face with a striped band.

The graphics on each watch belong to Emilie Helmstedt, the Copenhagen-born creative behind the self-entitled brand. Colors and prints govern the world of Helmstedt, with cotton and silk velvet setting the stage for their atelier's hand-painted designs. The key to styling such a bold piece? Opt for outfits of similar or coordinating colors. And if you're wanting to experiment with mixing patterns, try pairing it with tiny florals or subtle pinstripes.

Starting on Jan. 23, each timepiece is available for $125 each. Browse the new releases ahead of the launch below, or head to Skagen.com for more on the partnership:

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