You'll Want To Replicate This Dakota Johnson Hairstyle For Your Next Waist-Up Look

by Sara Spruch-Feiner

Dakota Johnson is one of those enviable stars who looks good in anything. Whether it's the leggings and a sweatshirt she wears while walking her dog, denim and loafers (a favorite of hers), or a gown on the red carpet—it's always chic. The latest example of her glam magic was the look she wore on Jan. 20 while promoting her new film Our Friend on The Late Late Show with James Corden: a red sequins Gucci gown, of which Dakota Johnson topped off (literally) with a '60s hairstyle, inspired by Brigitte Bardot.

The voluminous half-updo, created by celebrity hairstylist Mark Towsend, was the perfect complement to the retro-inspired frock: "I originally thought about going with a simple '60s ponytail, and then Dakota was like, 'What about a Bardot moment?'" That was enough for Townsend, who says the legendary mod icon's name is "the most used word in my vocabulary."

To get the throwback look, Townsend prepped Johnson's long locks with Dove's Breakage Remedy with Nutrient-Lock Serum Leave-On Treatment to get it smooth. He then did a full blowout and curled the hair with a curling iron, taking two-inch pieces at a time. For the sky-high volume, the hair pro sprayed the section an inch behind Johnson's bangs and just below the crown with Dove's Brunette Dry Shampoo. "I sprayed liberally — it really locks in the backcombing once you get started," says Townsend.


After generously backcombing the sprayed section, he then gathered the hair "quite high" starting just above the ears and secured it with bobby pins at the crown. "The secret here is to not make it look too perfect or smooth," says Townsend. "Otherwise it looks like a costume." (For those who want to test drive the hairdo at home for their next Zoom conference but don't want to go to the teasing trouble, Townsend says, "A good old-fashioned Bump It will do the trick!") The stylist finished off the updo with a layer of flexible hold hairspray.

Of course, the look is rounded out with bold lashes and a pinky lip, to keep the hair front row center. Give the hairstyle a whirl with the exact products used, shopped out below.

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