CURLS' New Collection Combines Skin & Hair Care For Unprecedented Simplicity — EXCLUSIVE

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Courtesy of CURLS
CURLS' new The Hardest Working Collection is part hair care, part skin care

In a surprising shift from the umpteen-step skin care routines of yesteryear (thanks, K-beauty), today's trends have subscribed to a more simplistic philosophy: Multitasking is key. In addition to the rising popularity of dual-purpose makeup products, skin and hair care looks to be taking on twofold functionality, too. Case in point: The Hardest Working Collection by Beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals, CURLS' new division.

"Gone are the days of overcomplicated skin and hair care products," CURLS founder Mahisha Dellinger tells TZR. The beloved drugstore brand for coils is joining an industry-wide movement toward minimalism with its new line, a collection that coins the term "hair cleanser" and dips a toe into the supplement category.

The multipurpose Hardest Working Collection by Beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals has a foot in two beauty camps. Its collagen- and niacinamide-spiked Skin + Scalp + Hair Miracle Serum, for instance, is designed to nourish your scalp and tresses in equal measure. And the Skin + Hair Replenishing Vitamin Cleanser? It uses vitamin C, aloe, and allantoin to brighten and safeguard skin from free radicals while also strengthening strands and promoting elasticity.

"When we decided to create Beau-ti-ceu-ti-cals, our goal from the very beginning was to create a brand that would be exactly the opposite of what you're used to," Dellinger says. "We realized that there were too many products and far too many steps. While we love an amazing skin care routine, we love a simplified one even better. That is why The Hardest Working collection exists."

Courtesy of CURLS

In addition to the deep-cleansing Skin + Hair Restoration Mask made of kaolin clay, magnesium, and caffeine, and a vitamin C and algae-containing Skin + Hair Rejuvenating Antioxidant Cream, the collection's standout products — according to Dellinger — include an Eye + Neck + Lip Restore Youth Cream (featuring bakuchiol, kokum seed butter, beta carotene, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber) and the new Mind + Body + Beauty Total Supplement (a combination of B vitamins, ginseng, cayenne, curcumin, and L-theanine for improved memory, alertness, motivation, metabolism, sleep, and anxiety).

"We have hand-selected the hardest working, most effective vitamins, extracts, and antioxidants that are beneficial for both hair and scalp and have paired them with organic orange peel oil for a therapeutic fragrance," Dellinger says.

The Hardest Working Collection ranges in price from $18 to $55. It's slated to launch November 5 on its own domain, HardestWorkingCollection.com.

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