H&M Already Marked Down Its Holiday Decorations — & The Deals Are Unreal


Christmas is officially less than two weeks away. While that may mean to most people that it's time to lock down family travel plans and order last-minute gifts online, it probably excites discount shoppers for a whole other reason. Remember H&M's gorgeous holiday decor? As the holiday grows closer, the sale on Christmas decorations gets better.

H&M's line of cheap holiday decor previously scored big points for being cute, stylish, and mostly under $20. Seasonal favorites like this floral Christmas runner — originally retailing for $12.99 — stood out from even higher-end decor stores for its inventive take on holiday flowers. Yet with Christmas only a stone's throw away, the chic runner is marked down to $6.99.

Think $7 is as good as it gets? The deals go deeper than that. Hailing from H&M's Conscious collection, this cheap organic cotton pillow cover is marked down from $5.99 to just $2.99 for the dark red colorway. Decorated with pretty white stars, you won't want to swap out the sustainable cover once Christmas ends.

For only two dollars more, grab this holiday scented candle on sale for $4.99 from $6.99. Marked with gold details that look like wax stamps, the dark red tumbler is scented with cinnamon and the dark green glass is peppermint. For affordable candles from H&M, the burn time is impressive — the store notes that the candles should last up to 20 hours.


You don't have to have procrastinated on putting up your tree until the day before Christmas to score on H&M's decor sale. Small pieces — like these red glass Christmas ornaments, on sale at $7.99 from $9.99 — will blend into your holiday decor (even if it went up as soon as you finished washing all the Thanksgiving dishes). The ornaments are textured on the inside, keeping the exterior of the ornament glossy, and have a delicate gold fabric loop dangling from the glass loop for hanging.

There's no longer a need to wait until the day after Christmas to score on seasonal decor. Continue scrolling to browse 10 deals on festive pieces you can shop before the holiday.