The $13 Piece That'll Have Your Dining Room Party-Ready For The Holidays


Holiday decorations can be boring. There, it's been said. How many different ways are there to style red velvet and tea light candles, anyway? If you understandably thought 2018 wouldn't bring new holiday decorating ideas, you were wrong — because the cheap holiday decorations from H&M are a fresh, new take on holiday décor, and so many of the most expensive-looking decorations are under $20.

In typical H&M fashion, the most expensive holiday decoration is still only $35, with a majority retailing for much less. The collection itself is anchored in H&M's invitation to the natural world. Instead of focusing on holiday jewel tones or wintery fabrics like velvet, the release plays on the botanical illustration decor trend that's run rampant the last few years. It's a clever move, following summer 2018's obsession with all things tropical print and banana leaf.

The theme is repeated in runners, candles, and ornaments that bring winter's beauty into your home. With the focus on nature, H&M leaves it up to you to add in as much or as little holiday spirit as you want. This $12.99 pine needle table runner simply looks like you're decorating your home for the winter, and you probably wouldn't think twice if you saw it on a friend's table any other time in the year. Want to up the Christmas cheer? Layer it over a scarlet tablecloth, with these glittery blush cotton napkins at $3.99 a setting, and suddenly you have a luxe take on Christmas' red and green without breaking the bank.

The bombastic red and white amaryllis flower has been edging out poinsettia's popularity over the last few years, and at least in H&M's collection, it finally won. While you've probably seen plenty of pine décor and deer illustrations for the holidays before, the gorgeous amaryllis illustration repeated in H&M's holiday collection is a breath of fresh air. Simple on its surface, the motif actually packs everything you might be looking for in a Christmas decoration: the amaryllis is a traditional Christmas flower, the botanical illustration looks vintage-inspired, and it mimics the banana leaf's luxe, tropical vibes.


H&M's collection showcases the flower in distinct holiday decorations perfect for different places in your home. Start the flower off in your dining room with the $12.99 amaryllis runner; run one down the length of your table in a smaller space, or two across the width of a larger table. For $17.99, grab the large amaryllis scented candle, ideal for dark spaces in the house that needs an extra golden glow. The options are endless with the $17.99 amaryllis patterned tray: It's flat enough for dining room table layering, but beautiful enough on its own to display on your coffee table or entryway.

No matter how you celebrate the season, H&M's holiday decor will have you partying in style. Continue scrolling to see 15 of H&M's most expensive-looking holiday decorations, all under $20.