This Is Chrissy Teigen's Secret To A Professional-Looking Manicure At Home

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Chrissy Teigen's recent manicure is easily doable at home.

When you're feeling down, one of the biggest mood-boosters is slumping down in the salon chair and letting your manicurist work his or her magic. Unfortunately, despite all the added stress on everyone's plate, going to get a new manicure isn't an option right now. But if your nails are in sad shape, you can get a salon-style mani at home — yes, really, and no, you don't need to order a salon starter kit. The trick all comes down to copying Chrissy Teigen's nude nails she recently shared with the world, which is easier than you might think.

In an April 28 Instagram story, Teigen shared her love for her new set of nude nails that looked fresh from a manicurist, but were in fact a DIY job. Teigen is undeniably hilarious and always tells it like it is, so if she raves about it, it's bound to be good — these nails are no exception. Thankfully, celebrity nail artist Pattie Yankee, the woman responsible for this set made especially for Teigen, was happy to share her secrets to getting her convincing salon-quality mani with The Zoe Report.

Yankee says that pre-adhesive press-ons like this can last for two days, but up to 10 if you use extra nail glue (she recommends what she sent to Teigen: either Tailor Bond or Fast Bond by Dashing Diva). When it comes to application, she broke down the process like this: "Clean the nails with remover, then lightly buff each nail with a 240 grit buffer or file to remove shine. Wipe off dust with a dry pad and apply each [faux] nail up to your cuticle area and press onto your [natural] nail."

Once you've finished the initial application, the rest is just as easy. "Apply nail color as desired," Yankee continues. Once the polish is dry, she says to "Reapply pressure when needed as the adhesive is pressure sensitive and [this] increases the bond."


For an exact copy-cat look, Yankee mentioned she's working on creating custom sets for purchase just like the one for Teigen, which are supposed to last up to two weeks. However, you can also create a similar result with Yankee's own Inspire Nails for $12, which are the clear version of Teigen's nails, or Nail Bliss' Nails to Go from Sally Beauty, which the nail artist also recommends. Following application, you can paint over them with a light nude color, like Chanel's Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Blanc White.

If you're looking for the *exact* color Teigen was wearing in that Instagram post, it's sadly out of stock at the moment. But, if you're hoping to scoop it up in the future, take note: The shade is from Yankee's own nail polish line, and aptly named Hope — and yes, there is a reason behind why she chose it.

"I knew my color Hope matched a shade Chrissy often wears when I see her in NY. This is so appropriate because the messages I'm getting on Instagram direct message are people saying how Chrissy's posts make them feel happy," explains Yankee. "...For me to even be a part of extending this joy and hope to others is really important to me and touches my heart. It is really giving me purpose during this pandemic and I find it so appropriate that the color I chose for her is called Hope."

To maintain a positive mindset right now, making time for yourself can be a small but significant place to start. And if taking a moment for some self-care for you means recreating Teigen's pretty nails, keep scrolling — the supplies to get you started are ahead.

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