This Flight To Dublin Is Cheaper Than A Coachella Ticket


Europe is on every wanderluster's bucket list, but the overseas trip is notoriously pricey — particularly when it comes to airfare. However, if you know a few money-saving travel hacks, you can score a cheap flight to Europe easily — and for less than you'd pay for a Coachella ticket.

That's right: The multi-day music festival is certainly an experience, but so is a trip abroad. And while you may be willing to shell out somewhere between $400-$1000 for a concert pass, consider whether that money would be better spent on a flight to a city you've always dreamed visiting.

Believe it or not, you can find roundtrip airline tickets to places like Dublin, Paris, and Rome for between $300 and $400, if you know where to look and when to book. But how is this possible, you ask? "The period between the holidays and spring break is a sort of dead zone for travel," explains a representative for Airfarewatchdog. "In order to lure people back to the airport so soon after the holidays, the airlines tend to trot out some of the lowest international fares you'll see all year."

Admittedly, many of the best rates are on budget airlines, which makes some people hesitant to book. But Calvin Iverson, travel expert at TravelPirates, points out that low-maintenance flyers shouldn't shy away from these deals. "In my opinion, the biggest misconception about cheap flights to Europe is that it isn’t worth grabbing a cheap flight if it’s on a budget airline like WOW or Norwegian," he explains. "Yes, these airlines have fewer frills, but if you’re trying to get to Europe on the cheap, they do the job. My advice: Bring an empty water bottle to fill up at the airport, pack a snack ahead of time, load up some TV shows or movies on your phone or iPad, and you’ll be just fine."

Ahead, the experts at TravelPirates and Airfarewatchdog share the best deals for US-to-Europe airfare on the internet (and if any of them pique your interest, you best book now). To stay in-the-know for traveling on the cheap, sign up for Airfarewatchdog fare alerts and the TravelPirates newsletter.

To Dublin, Ireland

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From New York: Talk about the luck of the Irish. During certain dates in January, February, and March, you can travel from New York or Newark for prices in the $200 and $300 range. TravelPirates reports that you can snag these prices on airlines including Norwegian and WOW air for the following dates: Jan. 23 to 29, Feb. 3 to 9, Feb. 26 to March 4, Feb. 27 to March 5.

From Boston: Live closer to Logan? Book a ticket from Boston on Icelandair for an affordable $334 during the week of February 26 to March 5.

To Amsterdam, Netherlands

From Boston: Airfarewatchdog found tickets from Logan Airport to the land of wooden shoes on Icelandair for as low as $334 on Feb. 5 to 13 or $333 from Feb. 26 to March 5 or March 5 to 12.

From New York: You can also depart from New York for prices in the $300-range on WOW air if you plan your trip for following dates: Jan. 15 to 23, Feb. 4 to 12, Feb. 19 to 27, March 4 to 12.

From California: If you're located on the West Coast, check out tickets that depart from San Francisco on February 5 to 10 for $444.

To London, England

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From Chicago: Cheers! Airfarewatchdog scrounged up flights from Chicago to London for only $330 when you book for Feb. 4 to 11 on Norwegian Air.

From Boston: If you're an east coaster, you can fly American Airlines from Boston to England for a mere $390 if you book your trip for May 2 to 7.

To Paris, France

From New York: Head to the Eiffel Tower on Wow air (with cash to spare) from New York for prices in the $300-range on the following dates: Jan. 23 to 30, Feb. 19 to March, Feb. 21 to March 1, March 12 to 20.

From California: You can also fly to Paris on Norwegian from Los Angeles from Jan.31 to Feb.7 for $379.

To Rome, Italy

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From New York: Pizza and vino on the brain? Air Portugal has tickets from New York or Newark to Rome for as low as $378. TravelPirates collected the best times to fly this route to score best prices: Feb. 2 to 8, Feb. 9 to 15, Feb. 13 to 19.

To Seville, Spain

From New York: Fly to Spain on TAP Air Portugal for around $380 if you book your trip on certain dates in February and March. With a stopover in Portugal, Airfarewatchdog suggests making this trip a two-for-one by taking advantage of the airline's stopover program. This includes perks like no added airfare costs and discounts at participating hotels and restaurants, encouraging travelers to stay an extra day or two.