How This New Chantecaille Lipstick Helps Support The Amazon

Chantecaille / Instagram
Chantecaille’s Spring 2020 Collection Was Inspired By Hummingbirds & Supports An Important Cause

A new year means new trends, styles, and products. And as enticing as it is to run and buy all the new goodies, sometimes the damage on your wallet can hold you back. But here to put your money to a double-duty good use is Chantecaille's spring 2020 collection, in which you can find your new go-to lip color and help support an important cause: protecting the Amazon rainforest.

You may know vegan and cruelty-free brand, Chantecaille, for one of its more than 20 philanthropy partnerships: working against climate change at the North Pole, maintaining the coral reefs, or partnering with researchers who save the bees, to name a few. Its latest is why the brand launched the Hummingbird Collection — four lipsticks, a finishing powder, and two day-to-night eyeshadow palettes — which focuses on restoring and protecting where the muse of the collection calls home.

"Color, shimmer, and radiance are strong trends for the spring and the flickering hummingbird and its flashes of color and iridescent wings captured it all," Creative Director Olivia Chantecaille tells TZR in an email as to why the hummingbird caught her eye for inspiration. Not only did it spur an entire collection, but the bird also came to represent her 2020 motto: "joy and strength."

How exactly does buying makeup relate to helping the hummingbirds? Chantecaille partnered with the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) which protects the tropical rainforest by working with indigenous and local communities. In this case, Chantecaille and ACT are working with the ASOMI association of indigenous women. "These fearless female leaders have deep emotional and cultural roots within the Amazon," says Chantecaille. "It is their ancestral land, and every part of their existence and identity is linked to this rich, thriving ecosystem. In fact, without their land, they no longer consider themselves indigenous."

After the 2019 fires and general deforestation, contributing and helping these women maintain their ecosystem is highly important. The Amazon has lost 24,000 square miles in the past decade, which, in visual terms, CNN calculated that number is more than the equivalent of 8.4 million soccer fields.

To support the cause, your purchase is one (or all) of the four Lip Chics at $48 each: Coral Bell, Passion Flower, Honeysuckle, and Lupine, which were "inspired by the bright, beautiful and colorful flowers that hummingbirds feed from and pollinate," says Chantecaille. Which means if you've been feeling like you want to break out of winter's deep purples or understated nudes, these hues have you covered: Coral Bell is a bright pink and Passion Flower is a tangy orange, while Lupine is a traditional soft pink and Honeysuckle is the most neutral of the bunch as a dusty rose.

As for the other three products in the current collection, they don't directly benefit the Amazon, but they are worth having in your bundle. The two Hummingbird Eye Quartets, $72 each, are separated by cool and warm tones. In the former, you'll find four mauve-based shades in matte and shimmer finishes; in the latter, pearl browns are accented with a slate gray. Set and finish everything for $80 with the Perfect Blur Finishing Powder, which is made for long wear and, according the brand, 100 percent translucent on every skin tone.

Although some of the brand's collaborations become permanent fixtures, the Hummingbird Collection is only available for a limited time and sold exclusively on Chantecaille's website. Ahead, the four Lip Chics you can buy right now to give back to the cause.