Chanel’s New Bag Trend Is Very Extra — Literally


There's nothing like the sheer spectacle of a Chanel show to get fashion people excited. This season, designer Karl Lagerfeld transformed Paris' Grand Palais into a beach, complete with pebbles of sand and real-life waves; models walked barefoot with the imitation ocean lapping against their ankles. And while Chanel's classic tweeds may seem an unexpected choice as far as beachwear goes, the brand's clear sandals, woven hats, and colorful minidresses all seemed worthy of a little time in Saint Tropez or Tulum. But, while there was plenty of eye candy all around, one little detail was not to be overlooked: the new Chanel bag trend from Spring/Summer 2019 you can expect to see on your Instagram feed very soon.

Models accessorized their beach ensembles with not one, but two handbags — either harnessed across the body holster style, or held together. On one hand, this is marketing genius on Chanel's part: What could be better than one Chanel bag? That would be two of them. But, on the other hand, it's a styling trick that has been employed by brands and trendsetters alike over the past year and has now earned the Chanel stamp of approval — models at Nanushka wore harnesses during the brands Spring/Summer 2019 presentation, and both Gucci and Coach employed the double-bag trend in previous seasons.

Chalk it up in part to the necessity for extra storage that comes at the expense of the micro-bag obsession. Or perhaps the reason is as simple as the fact that in 2018 women aren't afraid to embrace practicality over all else (when a given day takes you from the gym, to work, to drinks afterwards, you have to pack accordingly). Either way — Chanel or not — you'll want to double up your handbags, just don't forget where you put your keys.


On the runway, a sleek black handbag was paired with a classic tweed style. Mixing and matching contrasting styles is an easy way to pull off the trend using what you already own.

Christophe Ena/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Models wore two leather bags clipped together at the chest, making it easy to access your credit cards and phone no matter which side you choose to store them in.

Christophe Ena/AP/REX/Shutterstock

An oversized tote and a neon shoulder bag make for a practical (and cool) combination for the woman whose constantly commuting.


While contrasting bags in mixed colors and sizes are a playful way to test the trend, the purposefulness of coordinating size and color feels particularly fashion-forward.