Chanel's Holiday Collection Was Inspired By A Very Glamorous Era (With A Modern Twist)

The Chanel holiday 2019 makeup collection was inspired by the baroque period and includes gilded ric...

Be honest: How happy are you really about the ultra-glittery beauty trend that's become basically ubiquitous for the holiday season? It's admittedly not for everyone, though it's certainly a playful way to celebrate the most festive time of year. If it's not your style (no judgement) you'll want to browse the Chanel holiday 2019 makeup collection. The luxurious drop puts a modern, glitter-free spin on a very glamorous era of the past — that Gabrielle Chanel herself just so happened to love.

The Baroque period, which spanned the 17th and half of the 18th centuries, was recognizable for its extravagantly ornate and grandiose aesthetic. An era where excess and drama was everything, it turned out such artistic icons as Rembrandt, Rubens, Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel (the list goes on). It also served as a major source of inspiration for Gabrielle Chanel, who often evoked the gilded period in her glamorous designs.

This season, the baroque aesthetic is coming back once more in Chanel's luxe Les Ornements de Chanel collection — but in a very modern way that's ideal if you love glitz and glamour without a whole bunch of glitter. It's sophisticated, statement-making holiday beauty, the Chanel way.


Chanel's Global Creative Make Up and Colour Designer Lucia Pica took the baroque style's flair for the dramatic and dreamt up holiday makeup essentials that'll impart a dazzling, dreamy glow.

The Éclat Magnétique de Chanel, $70, is designed in a gilded peach shade to light up skin with superfine pigments that blend seamlessly for a naturally enhanced effect. And the Les 4 Ombres palette, $65, and two shadow singles Ombre Première Grandeur and Ombre Première Pourpre Brun, $36 each, will help you create modern takes on a moody metallic smoky eye — mix your favorite hues, or wear a single shade for a truly contemporary look. All the powders are pressed with an ornate ornamental design.


Les Ornaments de Chanel introduces six limited-edition shades of Rouge Allure lipstick, $45, in reds reminiscent of colors you could find in a Rembrandt painting. Select Rouge Délicieux if you prefer a nude lip, or Rouge Noble for a wine shade. For a glossier pout, grab the two red hues of Rouge Coco Gloss, $30, for a dramatic look but comfortable, lightweight wear.

Nails are not to be forgotten in any Chanel launch, and the holiday drop includes two shades of Le Vernis: dark green Deepness and bold red Richness. While the moody green hue presents a modern take on a dark holiday manicure, the red shade gives you a timeless option, too.

Check out the whole luxurious holiday launch from Chanel, below.