Caudalie’s Vinopure Collection Got A New Product & It’s Exactly What’s Missing In Your Routine


Whether you're a 12-step skincare maximalist or a bare essentials minimalist, it's safe to assume that either way you've got a face cleanser as a pivotal part of your routine. Starting with a clean canvas in the morning and going to bed with refreshed, purified skin at night is of the utmost importance for anyone, but especially those who battle with sensitive, breakout-prone skin. Why, then, can it be so hard to find a holy grail cleanser that gives you the results you're after? Thankfully, Caudalie’s new Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser was just added to its cult-loved, award-winning, breakout-banishing skin care line — and it's the natural yet effective deep cleansing solution your beauty shelf is missing. So grab yourself a tube, and fast.

If you trend towards natural, clean formulas for your skin care routine, chances are you've heard of Caudalie. The French range of beauty essentials relies on the grape, a skin-perfecting, antioxidant-rich powerhouse, to provide you with effective but clean products for a radiant complexion. And its award winning Vinopure Collection for breakout-prone skin is no exception — but it didn't include a face-purifying cleanser until now. Here to round-out your blemish-fighting routine, the super-natural face wash means Caudalie's line is more complete than ever before.

Caudalie's Vinopure Purifying Gel Cleanser, $28, is a refreshing, naturally-derived, sulfate-free gel-to-foam face wash that cleans down deep to purify and detox pores. It joins the Vinopure collection, which includes a detoxing toner, a perfecting serum, and mattifying treatment, to tackle blackheads, blemishes, and blocked pores gently but effectively. Basically, it's the missing link you need to banish uneven skin and breakouts for good — without going overboard and irritating your sensitive skin.

The secret to this skin-perfecting daily face wash? A dose of 100 percent natural salicylic acid derived from wintergreen, which gets to work exfoliating your skin to shake loose those impurities that clog pores and cause blackheads and breakouts. Meanwhile, antioxidant-rich grape seed and six purifying essential oils, like lavender, lemongrass, and rosemary, form a protective shield to prevent further bacteria from penetrating skin, and organic grape water soothes and moisturizes for a more radiant appearance. The result? Tighter, less-detectable pores and a more even complexion, without that taut, stripped feeling.

Finally, the missing link in your natural breakout-managing skin care routine has been found. Keep scrolling to score a bottle of the stuff for yourself from Caudalie, below.